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What is Anxiety?

Even if it's common and perfectly "natural" to experience occasional anxiety, since anxiety is the body's natural response to stress, it can occasionally be advantageous as it increases alertness and readiness for action. But it's not normal to experience constant worry or terror and this is how a person with an anxiety problem lives their life. 

Normal feelings of anxiety and anxiety disorders are two distinct things. Many of us experience anxiety when exposed to particular stressful events, but if those feelings don't pass and if symptoms are not treated, the anxiety may become more chronic. An anxiety disorder may be present when emotions of fear or worry become excessive, challenging to manage, or disruptive to daily living. 

Long-term stress and a loss in general health can accompany anxiety, making it a potentially disabled condition. Even when standard drugs are used to treat it, it still contributes to many chronic conditions that can be difficult to reverse. Because of this, we must apply natural treatments for anxiety and other mood disorders that deal with the underlying cause rather than masking the symptoms. 

Now the next question might be what anxiety feels like. 

Your breathing quickens and your heart rate increases. You could start to perspire and feel like your chest is constricted. If you've ever experienced anxiety, you know that it can affect both the body and the mind.

When Should I Seek Help?

It's important to get help when anxiety symptoms and related behaviors are negatively affecting your life and regular functioning. You should also get treatment if you avoid situations that make you anxious or if you feel really uncomfortable and are unable to function normally in certain circumstances. 

Anxiety disorders are also common in children these days!

Kids and teenagers frequently worry and feel nervous, but if their anxiety persists or gets so severe that it interferes with their ability to function on a daily basis, they may have an anxiety disorder. Children and teenagers with generalized anxiety disorder may exhibit excessive worry about academic or athletic performance or life-threatening situations like natural disasters.

The good news is that there are many natural remedies for anxiety that are safe and don’t cause adverse side effects like so many anti-anxiety medications and you will notice an immediate difference in your mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns.

This Bundle


Manage stress naturally


Reduces anxiety


Enhances mood stability


Better life quality

Anxiety Bundle contains

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Know More About Anxiety

What’s the reason?


Majority of the people with gut-related issues like IBS/IBD suffer from anxiety & depression.

Stress & Traumatic life experiences

People who have ever faced any trauma or accident in the past are more likely to develop severe anxiety issues.

Dysfunctional serotonin

Serotonin is essential for several bodily processes, including mood.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes in the body lead to increased production of cortisol levels which can lead to anxiety and depression.

What to avoid

Packaged or sugary foods

Processed foods like pizza, burgers, canned soups, or foods with added sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, resulting in cravings, weariness, and increased anxiety.

Limit caffeine intake

As higher doses of caffeine can increase the symptoms of anxiety.

Late-night screen use

Avoid late-night phone usage, and Netflix series, as it will cost you your sleep.

Negative thinking

Anxiety is a clear example of how much of your body is under the power of your thoughts. The things you tell yourself when you're angry or annoyed might make you feel more anxious.

Risk Factor


Depression or other mental health conditions, frequently coexist with anxiety problems.

Headaches and chronic pain in the body

Severe anxiety issues can lead to headaches, low energy, and body pains.

Social isolation

Anxiety, mood swings & stress can lead to social isolation which can negatively impact our mental and emotional health.

Poor quality of life

Anxiety & depression are major factors contributing to the poor quality of life as it is more difficult to take chances in your professional or personal life or, in some cases, even to leave your house when you are anxious.

Golden Tips
  • Vitamin B-rich foods or supplementation of B vitamins (which the body uses to convert nutrients to energy) have a soothing effect on individuals experiencing anxiety because vitamin B aids the body in producing a particular chemical messenger that blocks impulses in the brain.
  • Eat a diet rich in protein as neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are made up of amino acids, thus inadequate intake of proteins can affect mood, anxiety, and sleep patterns.
  • Lavender oil has been shown to reduce anxiety and help relax the body as it has a sedative and relaxing effect on the body.
    Use: You can simply put three drops of lavender oil in your hand and apply it on your wrists, temples, and neck. Additionally, you can use lavender oil to naturally reduce anxiety by diffusing it at home or at work, inhaling it straight from the bottle for quick relief, and adding 5–10 drops to a warm bath.
  • Regular physical activity for at least 20-30 minutes, helps to improve sleep quality, improve energy levels and ease stress and tension.
  • Proper sound sleep can reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Meditation has a beneficial effect on anxiety symptoms and reduces stress.

Complete Anxiety Cure

It is insufficient to only force oneself to think positively; doing so almost always results in a recurrence. Antidepressants are one type of medication that first seems to assist, but over time, instead of relieving the person from the inclination, make him or her reliant on them. There are some natural ways to overcome anxiety or its symptoms.How can we make sure that stress doesn't take over our lives? You'll experience less pressure and have better everyday stress management if you follow the tips below.


Essential vitamins, minerals, good and healthy fats, electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants all aid in improving how well your brain manages stress, which will eventually benefit your entire body.

Dietary supplements

It is a wise choice to investigate vitamins for anxiety and stress in addition to other treatment choices if you have acute uneasiness (with an abrupt and intense start) or chronic anxiety (long-lasting and broad). Start immediately with Magnesium Relax, Anxiety + Anger + Mood + Calm, Memory and Focus.

Physical Activity & Exercises

Regular physical activity, yoga, and meditation help to reduce anxiety and stress. Exercise is important for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress. Studies show that it is very effective in reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and enhancing overall mental health. As exercise causes the body to release endorphins (a type of neurotransmitter), which calm the body and elevate mood.


I’m already taking my anti-depressant pills. Can I still take your Anxiety+ Anger+ Mood+ Calm supplement?

Yes, as there is no such interaction of our supplement with your medications. 

Do I need to take your anxiety bundle for a lifetime?

This bundle will help you to overcome your symptoms linked to anxiety and will cause no addiction.

I am having insomnia due to anxiety. Will these supplements help me?

Yes definitely. Please connect with one of our health experts and call us at +918699086991, so that they can guide you better.

My 14-year-old is having anxiety. Can I give this bundle to her?

Yes, start giving her 1 capsule of each supplement.