The Natural Way To Sleep: Why Melatonin Supplements Are A Game-Changer!

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Melatonin Supplements

I sleep 7-8 hours a day, but I still do not feel fresh, not awake enough, lack of energy levels, restless, bored, irritated, clumsy, and being less productive. These are the few observations I come across when my clients take consultations.  

Are you also confused with these symptoms too? Have you checked the quality of your sleep along with quantity? 

Usually we don't pay attention to it but ignoring this insufficient sleep pattern is causing grave harm to our physical, mental and social well being!

What most of us do is to push ourselves really hard to carry on our daily activities.  

Do you know how? The answer to which is quite simple by intaking caffeine, basically Coffee or Tea, and exerting ourselves just when our body demands for sleep to boost up our energy levels and run for the day. 

Ask yourself, are we doing this right? Is cheating on your sleep okay, as we cheat on our diet sometimes? Are you the one having trouble sleeping soundly for quite a long time, leading to Insomnia? Check for yourself, are you sleep deprived?  

Then, mind you this is not the common concern to be left without being addressed effectively. 

Let me share with you that our sleep, its quality depends on an Hormone named MELATONIN. The primary sleep hormone that makes us feel tired and prepares us for a sleep mode. It's mostly interrelated as our deep sleep cycles depend upon the Melatonin released by our body and inorder to produce a good amount of Melatonin accounts for a check on routine activities and lifestyle habits.

What is Melatonin? Everything you need to know!

 You know what gland produces Melatonin, its Pineal Gland in your brain that’s primarily responsible for monitoring our body’s circadian rhythm to manage your natural sleep-wake cycle. The melatonin starts to increase at dusk and reaches its peak during the middle of the night, that helps block signals in your brain to avoid the experience of Sleepless nights.  

By dawn the Melatonin decreases and gives rise to cortisol levels, and helps prepare you for the day. It’s a natural Hormone that’s quite helpful in the treatment of insomnia and jet lag as it helps regulate sleep cycle and prevents trouble falling asleep.   

  • Dark Circles arise due to sleep deprivation, which results when low levels of Melatonin get released. Hence, it becomes of great importance to work on your sleep, as a good quality sleep can alleviate other Minor or major health deteriorating symptoms. 
  • Melatonin Supplement when taken for a span of 2-3 months may help in weight loss too.
  • I know at times every family has a heated conversation on some topic or the other, or at times we are in between thought provoking conversations, so this happens with everyone of us right? Here, a Melatonin supplement is required to be taken.
  • When disbalance is created in the routine activities, you are having high heartbeat, had irregularity in the meals, or you are in the travelling mode Melatonin supplements are necessary so that your sleep cycle doesn't get affected and you don’t face any challenge in getting up off from bed the next day. 

What decreases the release of Melatonin?

The quality and the quantity of the Melatonin gets weak with the growing age, stress levels, anxiety hence I advise my customers to add melatonin supplements in your lifestyle to sleep well and keep your mood fresh.

How to release good Melatonin Naturally?

Take a sufficient amount of Sunlight.

Use of amber/orange colour light.

Practise deep breathing frequently. 

Take a supplement that has Amino Acids like GABA, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, L-Ornithine which help produce sufficient Melatonin and you don't suffer breaks in your sleep pattern. 

Grab your hands on foods rich in Potassium and Magnesium which is known for relaxation plus it fights muscle cramps, headaches that might keep you awake. 

Forget about Twisting and Tossing at your bed and you will experience a deep sleep phase as it relieves stress and better sleep quality. 

Signs to know that you had a good sleep!! Have you noticed these? 

You get up without an alarm- yes you do! When you have a good sleep your body has a good muscle recovery, clears out toxins well, completely rejuvenates the body, new memories get built up, good cells form up and you get up easily in the morning.  

Good blood circulation takes place in your body, your skin glows differently, you have pink lips and cheeks, you look most beautiful in the morning, no chances of water retention occurs this indicates good melatonin release.  

You have a calm and relaxed state of mind, you are able to think clearly, your productivity increases, your energy levels are maintained, non occurrence of mood swings are some of the merits and signs of good sleep. 

Sleep means how much time is required by the body, to get itself ready for the next day, and that entirely depends on the individual’s work environment, eating habits, and most importantly how many hours of sleep is required by the individual’s body to recover its fatigue. 

Natural Remedies And Lifestyle Changes To Cure Your Sleep Pattern!!

  • Not being able to sleep is highly related to stress or imbalance in  Hormonal production and the neurotransmitter levels in your brain which is responsible for sleep or wakefulness. Start reading something, try writing Journals. End your day by practising gratitude, be thankful for everything that made your day great, that releases hormones known as Endorphins that helps you fall asleep peacefully.
  • Give importance to your sleeping habits, and forbid staying up late for work, watching tv or using electronic devices especially those that emit blue light, as it messes with your cortisol levels and circadian levels that restricts you from falling asleep at night. Make it a habit to shut yourself down better on time,as we get the best sleep when we wake up and go to sleep roughly at the same time of the day. 
  • Avoid or try taking not more than one Alcoholic or caffeinated drink and eating sugary or processed food approximately 2 hours before bed time, as it causes variations in the blood sugar levels and consuming too much fat can slow down your digestion because your metabolism will get engrossed in digesting it and can cause wakefulness and disturbed sleep. Have healthy fats like coconut water, olive oil, ghee, butter, nuts and seeds throughout the day for controlling your appetite and energy levels.
Melatonin Supplements
    • For a deep sleep experience, go for a dark and cool enough room. Use orange-coloured lights instead of artificial or white lights that can cause a decrease in the production of Melatonin hormone and can keep you up at night.
    • Most of us are unaware that your sleep gets severely affected by our diet. Do note it down that your diet plays a major role in the production of your sleep hormone and of neurotransmitter as well which is the key to provide you calm and relaxing sleep.  

    Many people aren’t aware of the signs that they suffer from low potassium and magnesium deficiency as both are vital nutrients to help get you good sleep. Foods that can get you good sleep are green leafy vegetables, sesame and sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and oats.    

    • My prescription for a good night sleep for children, teenagers, or adults is to devote at least an hour to an exercise routine, ideally outdoors.Try shifting your workout routine to the mornings. 
    Melatonin Supplements
      • Nature has the power to heal, therefore it will be very advantageous to kickstart your day by getting some sunshine. Getting sunlight may help in the production of melatonin at night. This helps reset your biological clock and sets the imbalance of Cortisol and Melatonin levels in your body and also serves as a natural source of Vitamin D.
      • Be flexible with your lifestyle a little more when you have insufficient sleep, as muscle recovery hasn't been that proper. Don't be harsh on yourself or to your loved ones, just pamper yourself a little extra and enjoy doing the activities you love the most, be it dancing, shopping, listening to good music, try going for a massage.
      • Taking quality supplements curated with Amino Acids: Amino Acids like GABA, L-Theanine, L- Tryptophan, L-Ornithine combined in Sleep well helps reduce stress related symptoms, along with significant improvement in sleep quality and helps reduce sleep medication. 


      L-Tryptophan promotes sleep as it stimulates the production of  Serotonin and melatonin, present in the brain as neurotransmitters.  

      GABA is a neurotransmitter present in CNS that reduces brain exercisability and induces sleep. Additionally, our gut bacteria communicates through our brain with the help of GABA to make it relaxing and calm. The combination of GABA and L-Theanine have a positive effect on sleep quality and also improves sleep duration.  

      I want to share with you that according to research 50% of the population doesn’t go to deep sleep, that is REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep). To know more about it head over to the link. 

      According to 2017 Nobel Prize winning new scientific research reveals that each of us has an optimal time to fall asleep and wake up, and a biologically determined circadian rhythm known as Chronotype

      This research states the fact that at certain periods of the day you feel more alert and active and sleepier at the other.  

      In addition to the sleep wake cycle, Chronotype holds an influence on your appetite, exercise, body temperature and most importantly releases Melatonin in response to environmental factors like light and temperature. Chronotype depends from person to person and can be classified depending on factors like genetics, age etc. 

      There are 4 types of Chronotype, check this out here. Dear readers, it is so important to know your chronotype, I know, it's complicated but you have to find out. 

      Trust me, on this you will give your body a healthy and balanced sleep cycle once you find your Chronotype. 

      melatonin supplement

      Power Naps V/S Coffee or Tea

      It is highly important to tune in with your body and look when your body demands Power Naps. You have to notice the whole day, when you face a dip in your energy levels. People don’t ignore it, don't be guilty when you require Power Naps. You have to work on yourself a little bit to find that slot in your day, when you require this power nap to boost your energy rather than taking coffee or tea.  

      This deep sleep game depends on your two hormones Cortisol and Melatonin. 

      When cortisol level is high, Melatonin is low and vice versa.  

      Cortisol rush comes to you when you have slept nicely at night and stirs up the blood flow to your muscles, legs, arms and prepares your body to run for the day and don't feel lethargic.

      Final Thoughts 

      It's very important to fix your body’s natural mechanism for which adequate sleep is highly important. Sleep restores our energy levels, enhances the ability to think clearly and creatively, strengthens memory, uplifts the mood and produces better performance throughout the day. 

      Confused about the doses of Melatonin supplement, don't worry start with a lower dosage and can extend up to 5-6 mg. 

      Melatonin Supplement is supposed to help regulate the sleep cycle and aids with several sleep problems such as jet lag, insomnia, sleep disorder, disturbed sleep-wake phase. 

      Every part of our lives is important! And we almost sleep ⅓ rd of our lives, so make sure every hour of it is beautiful and worth it!


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