Feeling Guilty After Hurting Your Loved Ones? 5 ways to Control Anger

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Feeling Guilty After Hurting Your Loved Ones? 5 ways to Control Anger

Have you ever heard someone saying “Don't talk to me like this” , “Are you out of your mind? “ Or “How can he dare to behave like this, now see what will I do?” Or “I will not leave you without taking revenge for what you have done to me”.  

Yeah! Definitely either we have used these types of statements or have heard others saying it! 

So check if you feel Guilty, after fighting with or yelling at your loved ones, do your relations get more beautiful, do you feel more happy? Do you feel satisfied by hurting your family, friends or people in your surroundings?  

Absolutely not! Right? So, dear readers, don't you want to change this unhealthy habit, don’t you care about yourself? Of Course we do care, but after trying multiple ways, listening to anger management strategies, are you still stuck in the same state of guilt of hurting your loved ones over and over again.  

Don't worry, once you try out these 5 ways to Control and manage your Anger, I am sure your family will thank me later, to help you to control anger and bring about this change! 

It's not a big deal, when you are making efforts to manage your anger because you are doing it not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones.



It's rightly said how there can be peace on earth, if the Hearts of Man are like Volcanoes? 

Try this exercise as we begin and filter out! 

If someone asks to recall the person you have good relations with, it would require some time, wouldn't it? On the contrary if asked about your encounter with people that triggered your Anger, the list is on our fingertips, isn't it?  

Yes, I know that, because we have somehow commanded our brain, with so much intensity of Anger, that I can never forget what this person has done to me. I will never let it go.  

I will make him face the same way, we keep churning this same negative thought with a lot of aggression, anger, hatred and end up creating a negative aura that's responsible for downgrading our energy levels. Thus, you are left with no motivation to find ways to control Anger and manage it which in turn creates Anxiety, Sadness and Depression.  


Anger is one of the Unhealthiest Emotions, the more the Intensity, the greater the harm is caused to our body in all aspects whether physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, as a person suffers a lot.  

At times when the severity of anger is so much and somehow we lose control to manage the anger then the harm it does to our body and organs, is more than what you can think!! 

Therefore, it's mandatory to check on our emotions, on our anger issues and fix it and calm yourself down, as before it destroys our relations, it demolishes our inner core and most importantly our ability to think.


The way to control Anger and create a sense of Peace within ourselves and our surroundings starts with Realisation that we do have choices as to how we want to feel and think. You don't have to lose control of this. If you dwell deep and check as to what it is that makes us Angry and make us fall in the guilt trap while you erupt out on your loved ones? 

We may certainly figure out that nothing holds the power to make us feel this way rather than our OWN SELF.  

It is us who can only allow ourselves to trigger our Anger- it's the way we respond to the situation or to the person. 

Yes, we are making mistakes is our impulsive reaction, that mars our thinking and we forget to choose how we want to feel and respond in an unusual way, leaving ourselves in uncontrolled anger. 

  • It's important to note we can’t stop others who give us pain, or we can't stop them from harming us, but what we can control is we get less hurt, we should have the Power to Let Go.
    • You have to realise saying bad was their choice, but forgiving should be your choice. As while reacting in a calm and composed way you are blessing yourself, and lowering down its impact on our body
    • Accept this, we can’t control the external factors, we can't stop people showing Non-cooperative response, also we can’t poison ourselves by reacting with the same rage as others. It's better to show Empathy towards them, and don't let these negative, Angry thoughts make you ill for the rest of your life.
    • Pay attention to the Animal you feed, as we have 2 types of Animal in our brain. The one who loves peace, positivity, knows forgiveness, has no expectations and the one that has Ego, Anger, Hatred, fear, guilt, frustration. The fight is won by that Animal to whom we feed the Information. Choose very Wisely!


    Whenever you see yourself in any of these situations try out these 8 Acupressure points Tapping Techniques developed by a Neuro- Surgeon which will help you release negative energy, your anger or negative thoughts will stop disturbing you. This Anger Management Technique helps you to acknowledge and accept the situations, helps you calm down and let you not to be harsh and be more caring and loving towards yourself and your loved ones.  

    Point 1- Four fingers below palm 

    Point 2- Forehead

    Point 3- Outside the Eyebrows

    Point 4- Under the Eyes

    Point 5- Under the Nose

    Point 6- On Chin

    Point 7- On Collar Bone

    Point 8- Under the Arms 

    For more clarity I have attached my video of the same, do have a look at that to manage Anger and curb Anxiety. 

    • This Breathing Technique is a must try because this uplifts your mood, calms down stressed muscles of your brain, and manages the intensity of your Anger. Practising Deep Breathing Technique and 4-7-8 Breathing Technique in this you have to inhale till count of 4, hold the breath till the count of 7, and Exhale till the count of 8. This breathing strategy gives signals to your body to detox, build good nails, to flush out toxins, and replace the bad with good cells. 
    • It's also important to avoid excess worrying, it will be good if you avoid multitasking and concentrate on the single task at a time and have good outcomes, so that you don't feel frustrated, or angry if the things don't go as you plan.
    • Don't get stuck in the past, if you have any guilt, or shame it's better to forgive and let go off the burden of past baggage. Make a note of the point that everything takes time and therefore expecting immediate results will lead to Anxiety and turning to intense Anger issues.
    • It's highly important to select your social media, your friends very carefully, because what we grab the whole day shows up in our behaviour and in our sleep patterns.
    • You surely have noticed the effects of extreme anger on our sleep, as we are not able to shut down, the frequency of thoughts running in our minds seems out of our control, which can lead to depression. As a remedy try having a high intake of Protein and help your body with Pepsin Enzyme. 

    Amino Acids like Gaba, L-Theanine, 5 HTP, L- tryptophan along with KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract reduces irritability, anxiety, graveness of Anger, and provides a positive emotional health, while it also treats behavioural and cognitive responses and aids in Anxiety + Anger + Mood + Calm. 

    Anxiety + Anger + Mood + Calm

    Wrapping Up 

    Anger Management is not a tough job, rather it just requires right ways to deal with the feelings of Anger, Anxiety and Frustration which can be done by following the ways mentioned to control and manage it. 

    Getting enough rest, exercising, eating a healthy diet along with required supplements, and breathing techniques if continued for a long time can be efficient enough to cure and manage anger levels. 

    Whenever you are dealing with such anger issues take a break, relax your mind, take a walk in nature and respond in a productive way. 

    Its Evident pain given by the people who are close to you hurts a lot , because they know exactly how to hit you. YES! It feels a lot but you have to come out of it, because when you are in anger 496 Autoimmune genes that give you diseases get triggered.  

    The person with whom you are angry, might have done some good things also in the past. Think about that. You know Law Of Attraction works for us, so love everybody, spread happiness, eliminate stress, anger, anxiety and just enjoy this beautiful life.  

    Remember Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe!! 


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