Eating For Youth - The Best Anti-Aging Foods to add to your Plate

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Anti-Aging Foods

Aging is a natural process. But who likes to get old? 

Your skin reflects what you eat and that's why topical creams and lotions can only do so much for its appearance. Since ageing starts from the inside out, it's only logical to start caring for your skin from inside and the magical results will itself be visible on the outside. 

Investing in your skin can go a long way and bear fruitful results. Skincare is the most necessary aspect to keep you glowing. Are you ready to get young and get glowing skin naturally, as I am there to guide you on your path as you invest your efforts to reverse ageing. 

From skincare routines to lifestyle choices, we’ll explore effective strategies to keep our skin looking youthful and radiant. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn and engage with the best tips shared by me to add youth to the age you are in. Get ready to turn back the clock of ageing and experience happy and vibrant skin as never before. 

When thinking of Anti-aging tips, we think of vitamins, minerals, serums, creams and a lot more. However, consuming Anti-Aging supplements and working on lifestyle changes can help fight the visible signs of Ageing. 

Powerful Anti-Ageing Tips to Look Younger as you slow down ageing process!!

     1. Quit sugar in any form, some foods such as refined carbohydrates, sugary foods, can lead to inflammation and age every cell in the body so eliminating or limiting them from your diet can keep you healthier, and reduce the signs of Aging. 


     2. Slowing down the ageing process and delaying the onset of age related conditions may be possible by blocking the pathways that cause inflammation. You are required to keep your inflammation low by adding strong herbs in your diet.


     3. Oxidative stress is a major factor known in the ageing process, leading to Inflammation, and further degradation of healthy cells. Exercising and protein intake helps lower oxidative stress and keeps your DNA young. 


     4. Massaging your face for proper blood flow and performing face yoga exercises plays an efficient role in relaxing the stressed face muscles as it involves stimulating pressure points. Facial massage helps to improve overall skin appearance, helping you look and feel better.
Anti-Aging Foods
     5. Don't Exfoliate daily which can cause Chronic Skin Irritation and inflammation which can cause accelerated aging, so I recommend exfoliation of the dead skin cells and built-up dirt twice and thrice a month and let the natural oil come out to keep skin naturally moisturized. 


     6. Steam your face once in a month for the deep cleansing of the pores and extracting the dead skin cells and then perform Cold Water Therapy that stimulates the vagus nerve’s control over the parasympathetic nervous system which forms the key to its role in ageing.  


     7. Take your diet in a proper sequence starting with Fats, proteins, and then Carbohydrates.


     8. After meals, a 15 minute walk is a compulsory addition to your routine. 


How does Collagen impact Anti-aging? 

In today's time there are numerous tips and techniques shared by almost everyone over the net, for Anti ageing and we just get tired by looking at them but end up doing nothing.  

If I tell you my story I have experimented with a lot of things, hence, to save your time, I am going to tell you what thing actually works. 

Collagen: After 30 years of age every year your body produces 1% less collagen, and you can witness the decrease in the quality of the collagen. So it's a good idea to boost your own body Collagen by giving yourself collagen supplements.  

Have you also heard some women saying that their skin is very sensitive? What does that mean? When they try something new on their skin and get a reaction, it becomes red often, during winters becomes dry or face photoaging? Ever wondered why children do not fear photoaging? Because their body has collagen which experiences a decrease in its quality as we age.   

Do you know what?

Doctors say to have a glass of wine for Anti-ageing. No, It's a BIG LIE. 

Why do they say so?

1 cup of wine has 0.01 mg of RESVERATROL, an element known for its Anti Aging properties. On the other hand Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances for the liver to carry on its breakdown process whether its wine, whiskey, vodka, beer.  

Anti-Aging Foods

How to witness Aging? 

With Aging comes sagging skin. I have witnessed ladies using Face Packs, various face products to cure it. However, the important part of ageing is something internal to the body which occurs from our deep skin layer that’s the Dermis Layer.  

The foremost signs of aging are noticed near the under eye area where the skin is the thinnest.  

At times we are more focused looking for which food or lifestyle factors make you look aged, although sometimes it's just how you cook food that contributes to the cause! 

Here, comes the process of Glycation, it is when neither glucose molecule goes inside the cell nor converts into the energy and just sticks up with the Amino Acids, lipids, fat, protein in the body and destroys it.  

From Glycation, advanced glycation end products get produced which is the main reason for skin sagging and ageing. 

 It's the Way you Cook!!

  • Suppose you are eating protein thinking your hair, nails, skin will get better, but the way we are cooking the food, it's killing everything. 
  • Ladies, the worst method of cooking is deep frying, cooking on high heat, or grilling causes the protein in the food to denature in extreme environments like temperature, PH disrupts protein shape and function and results in AGE.
  • If your food item is not cooked in saturated fat like Ghee, it's gonna kill your skin collagen. Yes, that's true.
  • Nuts and seeds when roasted on high heat causes skin ageing and sagging. 

Let me now make you aware about the best Anti Ageing Foods that have the potential to make you look younger and reduce wrinkles naturally.  

Superfoods for Anti Aging!! 

These healthy and nutritious foods slow the effect of Aging from your skin to brain, heart and joints. 

Adding these foods to your plate, can benefit in not only postponing wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and saggy skin but could be advantageous for reversing it too.  

The top anti-ageing foods are the most prominent Anti-Oxidant foods and Anti-Inflammatory foods.

     1. Collagen - It is the most natural and abundant protein comprising one-third protein in the body keeping it healthy, young and glowing for a long time. Collagen is a glue type material that protects your skin barrier. 


Collagen is needed by our digestive system, skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and almost every organ of our body. 

You can consume certain plants or take their powder which can help boost your body’s natural collagen production or you can take Collagen Supplement curated by me that keep your skin firm, stop it from sagging, and promote faster healing of Skin diseases. People who are vegetarians and cannot take Animal based collagen, this is the perfect solution for them.  

Collagen is great for your skin, hair, nails, and for your bone cartilages. Well, Collagen supplementation helps to increase skin elasticity and helps retain skin moisture. 

collagen supplements

     2. Turmeric - Possessing Anti-aging and skin lightening properties, turmeric has been used for centuries for benefitting the skin. 


According to studies Turmeric having the presence of Curcumin, a polyphenolic compound is known for having anti-aging, anti- cancer, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

     3. Vitamin C Rich Foods - One of the most powerful Anti Aging and antioxidants is Vitamin C. Being the water-soluble Vitamin it holds multiple benefits for health.  

Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of Collagen. Additionally, consuming Vitamin C in good amounts decreases the risk of wrinkles and can be useful in improving skin elasticity and help postpone skin ageing. 

Indian Gooseberry, Broccoli, lemon are the powerhouse packed with Anti-Aging and Anti Inflammatory features that proves vital for skin to give its strength.

     4. Eggs - Eggs are rich in Amino Acid called Lysine, that helps in the production of Collagen. Eggs contain the antioxidants selenium, lutein, and Zeaxanthin and protects the body from any cell damage and looks after the Aging process.

Anti-Aging Foods 
     5. Omega-3 - Getting your daily dose of Omega- 3 fatty acids from Chia Seeds, flax seeds is crucial when it comes to health and aging.  

Also, Omega-3 fatty acid supplements like Krill oil store a wide variety of benefits that could be linked to reduce joint pain, boost bone health, and enhance sleep quality all of which are important factors when it comes to ageing. 

     6. Red and Orange coloured Vegetables - Vegetables having red, orange colour like bell peppers, pomegranates, tomatoes etc are loaded with Antioxidants like Carotenoids, Lycopene and Astaxanthin

Carotenoids are pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange colours in many fruits and vegetables. Being potent in Anti-Inflammatory properties intake of these vegetables helps protect skin from pollution, environmental toxins, sun damage. 

     7. Onion and Garlic - Being rich in Flavonoids particularly, quercetin, which is potent Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Containing a good amount of Antioxidants and sulphur compounds help protect cell damage and aging.


     8. Anti-Aging Supplements - My self formulated supplement stop aging is full of powerful antioxidants  that helps slow down the aging process from inside out. 

This is flavored with numerous plant extracts, this supplement will provide your immune system a great boost.  

What makes my product different is the presence of Liposomal Trans-Resveratol, a more bioavailable and Biocompatible form of Resveratol having great Antioxidant properties that protects against oxidative stress. 

Resveratol has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and protect your brain cells from Aging.

     9. Avocado - Containing phytochemicals and essential nutrients Avocado gained a spotlight as a superfood having the capability to alter and prevent the negative effects of Aging.  

Avocados being packed with monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants keep the body healthy and young. 

Wrapping Up 

Inflammation and Chronic Oxidative stress are among the leading causes of Aging. Therefore, an accurate diet and supplementation having Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties can be regarded as a promising strategy to combat aging. 

Additionally, to get the whole round benefits, pair the anti aging supplements with the superfoods to draw out a bunch of benefits when it comes to your health.  

It's time to slow down signs of Aging and happily grow and glow from within.


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