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The most common hormonal disorder the women encounter is PCOD/PCOS which is directly linked to infertility, about which most of us aren’t aware.

Do you keep ignoring the symptoms of Ovarian cysts like missing, scanty, or heavy periods?

Rather than taking pills or medications, Switching to Miduty’s PCOS supplement helps naturally in creating hormonal balance, as it is a powerful blend of Myo-inositol and D chiro inositol, L arginine, Berberine HCL which results in better egg quality, improved fertility, regular menstrual cycle, healthy ovarian function, and correcting PCOS.

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PCOS/PCOD is a natural disorder that can be cured with lifestyle changes and by bridging up the gap with powerful dietary supplements.

The fact that makes Miduty’s PCOS outshine is the powerful combination of Myo inositol and D chiro inositol in the well-researched 40:1 ratio [1] that assists in bettering endocrine and metabolic abnormalities and also reduces hyperandrogenism related to PCOS.

In addition to this, it also provides beneficial effects in patients affected by obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Miduty’s PCOS powder constituting Berberine HCL successfully improves female fertility and reduces PCOS-related inflammation in the body.

PCOS supplement plays an important role in female reproduction by mediating spiral arterial changes necessary for embryo implantation.

With the above-mentioned functions that PCOS offers it equally contributes to improving egg quality and live birth rates in females with PCOS.

The PCOS supplement is also enriched with the Antioxidant property that Copper offers which means it is useful to manage oxidative stress and reduces insulin resistance in patients with PCOS. 

The presence of Chromium Picolinate in Miduty’s PCOS helps stimulate Ovulation and is also effective to maintain the regularity of the menstrual cycle, parallelly maintaining body mass index, fasting blood sugar, and serum testosterone levels in patients with PCOS.

Enough of spending money on hormonal therapies, IVF, and disturbing the normal functioning of the hormones, when you can gain the most by treating PCOS/PCOD naturally through diet and modifying your lifestyle.

How do I take them?
  • Dosage-

    Take 1 scoop of 5g of PCOS powder with a little water after meals; mix well until partially soluble; and consume for at least 3 months.

  • Please Note-

    If you have a fatty liver, do not consume it. Firstly, work on your liver.

  • Quick info-

    Girls from the age group of 13 can use this product.

What’s it for?
- Women With PCOS/PCOD
- Women With Irregular Periods
- Women With Hormonal Imbalance
- Infertility
Why is Miduty’s PCOS Powder Superior?
    • With a potent combination of nutrients for female health and well-being, Miduty offers the greatest PCOS treatment. These nutrients include Myo-inositol and D chiro inositol, L arginine, L methyl folate, selenium, chromium, zinc, berberine, and copper.

    • Miduty PCOS powder contains D-Inositol in combination with Myoinositol [2], which helps to improve egg quality and live birth rates in females with PCOS. There are no side effects of using PCOS powder even in the long run, as it would not affect the liver or kidney functioning.

    • D-chiro-inositol (DCI) in combination with myo-inositol (MYO) will improve their fertility (PCOS). [3]L-Arginine is necessary for embryo implantation and plays an important role in female reproduction [4] and Chromium Picolinate stimulates ovulation. [5].

    • Myo-inositol present in our PCOS helps with irregular periods and helps restore insulin sensitivity. Miduty PCOS powder helps to improve ovarian function and enhances fertility.

    • This is made using the powerful mixture of Myo inositol and D chiro inositol in a ratio of 40:1, which is the ratio of these in the body naturally.

How We Helped Our Customers

Arushi Got Relief From Cramps & Pcod
Yes! PCOS is reversible! Arushi did it.

What’s Inside? (Ingredients)


What are the benefits of using your pcod problem treatment?

This product is helpful in creating hormonal balance, better egg quality, improving fertility, regular menstrual cycle, healthy ovarian function, and correcting PCOS.

Can I get pregnant if I have PCOD?

Definitely! PCOD is an imbalance of your hormones or a heavy toxic load in your body, so try taking liver detox first. For more info please call us at +918699086991 and get a free consultation.

How long does it take for it to show improvement in the period cycle?

It depends on person to person but on average, it would take a few months to restore your regular period cycle.

Just by taking this powder, can I reverse PCOS?

PCOD/PCOS is a lifestyle disorder that can be cured only with lifestyle changes and filling the nutritional gap with some dietary supplements. To reverse this condition one needs to follow the proper diet, supplementation, and exercise.

I have PCOS and fibroids, what PCOS medication do I need to take?

You need to start with liver detox for a month. For more information please connect with our health experts at +918699086991 for a free consultation.

Will I be able to lose weight after taking your PCOS treatment as I have infertility?

You are gaining weight because of hormonal imbalance. This supplement will help you to balance your hormones which will eventually help you with weight loss.

How fast can I see improvements if I take your pcod problem solution?

In the 1st month, you’ll be able to see changes in your period's cycle then will start to work on the rest of the symptoms. Stay in touch with our experts so that they can guide you according to your symptoms.

Are Palak Notes and Miduty same brands?

Yes, the brands Palak Notes and Miduty are the same.

Unknown Facts

It's crucial to understand that every woman experiences PCOS symptoms in a unique way. Some people have cysts, whilst others don't. And although some women with PCOS never experience any symptoms, others say they have them all.

  • PCOS and Infertility

    Some women experience acne, weight gain around the midsection, facial hair growth, and missed periods due to excess androgen (male hormones), whereas other women may experience estrogen dominance (meaning their levels of estrogen are too high and progesterone are too low), which is characterized by prolonged menstrual cycles, severe cramping, intense PMS symptoms, and infertility.

  • PCOS and Acne

    If you have hormonal acne, it's likely that you've tried a number of home treatments for the condition but may not be seeing the results you were hoping for. That's probably because treating this kind of acne can be challenging because it doesn't always result from clogged pores, as is the case with other types of acne.

  • Delayed periods are not normal!

    A regular, mildly painful period every month is a sign that the reproductive system is functioning well and that hormones are in balance. The opposite is also accurate: Period irregularities, missing periods, or intensely painful and severe PMS symptoms are indications that one or more hormone levels are either inadequate or excessive.

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