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What is Vitiligo?

Even when the disease persists our body gives us some sort of symptom before it progresses. People with vitiligo usually ignore the patches that appear at first and might think that they are allergic to some sort of food item. They generally think that these patches will vanish away after a day or two, but this is something that has been manifesting in the body for so long.  

Skin that has vitiligo loses its colour as a result of this autoimmune condition. The emergence of light or "depigmented" patches on the skin is the most obvious indication that someone may have vitiligo. Melanocytes, the cells that give our skin, hair, and eyes their colour, are killed in this pigmentation condition. As a result, regular skin tones mix with white spots on the skin.

These spots can appear anywhere on the body, though they may initially appear on exposed skin, such as the face, arms, feet, and hands. Additionally, it's not unusual for white spots to develop in the armpits, belly button area, and groyne. All skin tones are affected; however, those with a dark or black complexion may notice it more. 

Significant psychological suffering can result from vitiligo. Many vitiligo sufferers experience issues with confidence, self-worth, and social anxiety, particularly if the condition affects regions of the skin. People tend to hide those patches with makeup or cosmetics, which can eventually lead to hormonal disturbance as well. 

All of the most effective vitiligo treatment options, whether conventional or natural, take time to show results. But in the early stages of vitiligo, it’s better if we go for something natural.

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Know More About Vitiligo

What’s the reason?


Although autoimmune diseases are thought to be the primary cause of vitiligo, several vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also contribute to the condition.


Deficiency of some nutrients such as vitamins B12, copper, and zinc can result in vitiligo.


Your immune system may become weakened if your cortisol levels remain high for an extended period of time as a result of stress.

Skin Conditions

Vitiligo can also result after immunotherapy for melanoma and other skin malignancies.

What to avoid

Check your food list

Your "avoid list" must, of course, be customized to your unique conditions and how your body responds to various foods.

Sugar-based Diet

Avoid foods that are high in sugar as a significant autoimmune reaction may be brought on by an excessive sugar intake, which could make the symptoms of vitiligo worse.

Avoid taking gluten

This wheat-derived substance has a strong connection to inflammation, which can activate the immune system and cause it to start attacking your melanocytes. You can start following our diet plan for a better understanding of what to or not to eat in case of vitiligo.

Excess usage of skin care products

Avoid using skin care products in excess since this might cause problems with the skin and exacerbate the symptoms.

Risk Factors

Social or psychological distress

The immunological response that leads to the depigmentation is triggered or made worse by psychological distress brought on by vitiligo.


Due to the loss of skin pigment and increased sensitivity to UV radiation, people with vitiligo are more likely to get sunburns.

Eye problems

The pigment-producing cells in the skin are the primary target of vitiligo.

Permanent Skin pigment loss

The skin ailment vitiligo can result in regions of the skin losing their color or pigment.

Golden Tips

One must apply niacinamide-based sunscreen to protect our skin from sun or UV rays, which can affect our skin pigment name melanocytes.

Manage your stress, if any: Our thoughts are fundamental to healing, and the more stress we experience, the more difficult it is for our bodies to recover. Stress management is one of the most crucial vitiligo treatments. Try doing meditation first thing in the morning.

Wear loose clothes: A vitiligo patch may result from wearing elastic- or tight-fitting clothing that limits circulation. Additionally, wear protective clothing to shield the skin from UV rays from the sun and other artificial sources.

Levels of moisture affect skin health. It is essential to consume a lot of pure, fresh water throughout the day.

Try to uptake your fat intake. Include desi ghee and coconut oil in your diet, as these will help to nourish your skin better.

Try to replace your chapati with oats or besan chapati.

Consider taking Vitamin D supplementation: Many vitiligo patients are sun sensitive, and some conventional therapies can make them extremely sensitive to the sun. As a result, including sufficient of vitamin D-rich foods in the diet is essential, and supplements could be required.

Complete Cure

Treatments can delay or stop its progression, encourage some melanocyte renewal, and enhance the appearance of patchy skin by adding some color to the white patches.The treatment that can be beneficial for the skin is mentioned below. 


You should stay away from any food that upset your stomach, make you sensitive or uncomfortable, or that you are allergic to.

Dietary supplements

It's critical to select a supplement devoid of fillers and additives to ensure the highest quality possible as well as to prevent ingesting needless and hazardous additional substances that may have a long list of adverse effects. Start immediately with Vitamin B12, Vitamin ADK, Immune Shield, and Multivitamins

Stress Management

Stress can flare up vitiligo. So managing stress is very important in the case of vitiligo. We all experience stress, but we also know how much better off we'd be physically and mentally if we could manage it and find effective stress relievers.


How long it will take to cure vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and we can work on the symptoms and its progression.

Do I have to avoid dairy products if I start your vitiligo treatment?

Yes, you should avoid taking dairy products if you have an autoimmune condition.