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What is Menopause ?

Do night sweats make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping? Do you feel mood swings all day? Trust me, That’s not normal!

You are experiencing these symptoms because your hormones are changing. In comparison to other hormones, some hormones may drop and some may rise.

Since menopause is a fully normal biological process, there is no need to look for a cure. Additionally, even though it marks the end of a woman's fertile years, you can still be sexually active, healthy, and in your 50s and beyond.

A normal decrease in reproductive hormones occurs in your 40s or 50s when your periods stop and your ovaries quit functioning as reproductive organs.

Women may experience menopause in a few rare circumstances as early as their 30s or even earlier. Premature menopause may be brought on by a history of eating problems, cancer therapy, or ovarian surgery.

This Bundle


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Fulfill the body’s deficiencies


Overcome perimenopausal symptoms


Boost energy levels

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Know More About Menopause

What’s the reason?

Hormonal Changes

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estrogen (three forms include estrone, estradiol, and estriol), progesterone, and testosterone are among the reproductive hormones whose levels are reduced after menopause.

A Decline in Progesterone

A decline in progesterone upsets the body’s natural hormone balance which may also result in sleep deprivation. Progesterone is also the key precursor to other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen too.

A decline in Testosterone

The progressive fall in testosterone levels might cause the metabolism to slow down, which can cause weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight. Additionally, this may lead to fatigue, a dry vagina, decreased joint flexibility, and a decreased libido (low sex drive).

The decline in Estrogen

Six to twelve months before menopause, estrogen levels begin to decline. This decline continues in the menopausal phase, causing irregular periods before eventually ceasing. Loss of estrogen can also lead to a calcium deficit in the body, which increases the risk of fractures.

What to avoid

Processed foods

like bakery, canned food products, frozen foods, fatty, fried foods, etc, as the bulk of processed/packaged foods contains extra sugar, synthetic additives, toxins, high sodium levels, and chemical preservatives.These foods frequently contain high levels of carbs, which can exacerbate hormonal abnormalities.

Added sugar

Increased intake of added sugar can lead to symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain, digestive problems, exacerbated hormone imbalances, and candida. You can simply replace your sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia.

Refined oils

Fried foods and transfats can contribute to conditions like weight gain, diabetes, and heart-related conditions.

Carbonated drinks

Such as soda, have the potential to deplete the body's calcium stores, which can lead to osteoporosis, bone loss, and dental issues.

Risk Factors

Weight gain

(Abdominal fat – increases the risk for heart diseases).

Heart disease

(A decline in estrogen levels results in an irregular heartbeat).


(bones become brittle and weak, increased risk of fracture).

Urinary incontinence

(The decline in estrogen levels causes the vaginal tissues and lining of the urethra to thin out and lose elasticity).

Golden Tips

Include plenty of vegetables such as - cabbage, kale, and broccoli in cooked or steamed form, which supports maintaining a healthy estrogen level in the body.

High-fiber foods – Nuts, seeds, veggies, avocado, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans. A diet high in fiber helps to balance the production of estrogen.

Consider Omega 3 supplementation: Omega 3 helps protect heart health as the body produces less estrogen during and after menopause, and LDL cholesterol levels may rise. The liver uses this hormone to control cholesterol levels.

Probiotic foods (yogurt or other fermented foods): Healthy bacteria called probiotics can actually help your body produce and regulate important hormones like leptin, ghrelin, and insulin.

Include more calcium-rich foods in your diet like sesame seeds, chia seeds, ragi flour, and dark green leafy vegetables. It’s wise to consume calcium-rich foods rather than taking calcium supplements as most of these supplements contain calcium in the form of calcium carbonate which usually results in constipation, stomach pain, stones, and loss of appetite.

Consider Vitamin Dsupplementation: An adequate level of vitamin D may tend to reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, brain fog, and night sweats.

Keep your energy levels high with a regular intake of Vitamin B12.

Complete Menopause Cure

Healthy lifestyle changes are important in order to prevent the majority of menopause complications. Your diet should contain lots of necessary minerals and healthy fats while attempting to balance hormones and lessen menopause symptoms.


Due to a decrease in muscle mass and slowing of your metabolism because of hormonal changes, it’s more important to focus on considering supplementation and eating a diet rich which is in proteins and healthy fats.

Dietary supplements

In addition to helping you maintain hormonal balance, supplements will meet the nutrient needs that your diet is unable to provide. Start immediately with Liver detox, Menopause caps, and Estrogen Balance.

Physical activity

Exercise is important for controlling a number of risk factors linked to menopause problems.Sedentary women experience more severe menopause symptoms than active women. Consistent exercise could greatly reduce postmenopausal symptoms.

Reduce stress & Get Enough Sleep

Estrogen and progesterone are necessary for our health and mental well-being, the adrenal glands prefer to create cortisol and adrenaline when we are under stress, so managing stress can help you avoid emotional eating and weight gain, fatigue, etc. Stress and poor sleep are linked to higher morning cortisol levels, which imbalance our hormones and can lead to anxiety, weight gain, and depression.


Does it help to overcome early menopause symptoms?

Yes, It will help due to the type of ingredients present in it.

My current age is 40 and I feel like having night sweats regularly. Is this one of the signs of menopause at 40?

Not really, though hormonal fluctuations seem to be at fault.

Having skin dryness and vaginal dryness as well. Is this one of the menopause symptoms?

Yes, It can be a reason.

Already taking vaginal dryness treatment. Can I take your menopause treatment along with it?

Yes, As there is no such interaction due to the food-based nature of our supplements.

Can post menopausal women take your menopause treatment for the betterment of hormones?