5 Hacks to Lose Weight after Cesarean Delivery (No One Told you)

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5 Hacks to Lose Weight after Cesarean Delivery (No One Told you)

If you are thinking that I am gonna tell you breastfeed to lose weight. Sorry, it did not help me at all. Infant breastfeeding my baby made me so hungry and I did not have the opportunity to cook healthy so I gained. 

This Post is about the 5 powerful tips to lose weight naturally, especially, after a C-section. I will also share my favorite under 2 minutes recipe, which was my favorite and is extremely healthy and you will not get bored of eating. 

5. Sleep Well 


Do you know that weight loss game is about hormones? Different hormones give different signal to your brains. There is a hunger hormone called: Ghrelin and the satiate hormone, that tells that we are full and stop eating is called “ Leptin “ . If you do not sleep properly, your hunger increases by 25%. This study was done by “University Of Chicago Medical Center”, they found out people who slept less than 4 hours properly,  leptin is reduced by 18% and ghrelin is raised by 28%. 

This means they will eat more and all that extra calories will be converted to fat.If you control your hormones, which s little calorie deficit stage, that is gonna a double advantage when you gonna melt fat like  anything. Tests were done on leptin (Leptin is a hormone that lets your brain know that you are full after eating) and ghrelin (lets your brain know that you are hungry) levels after only 4 hours of sleep showed that leptin is reduced by 18% and ghrelin is raised by 28%. This increases your appetite by 24% . 

Buy Now Miduty Sleep Well

So new mommies, I know it's not possible to sleep whole night with the little one. But it is absolutely fine to ask for help from your partner or give bottle at night. Take some nights for you.  This leads to my 4th weight loss tip:  

Since I just taught you about hormone, hungry and satiated hormone, do you know  What if we eat those foods that give better signal to the brain of feeling fullness? 

4. Healthy Fats 

Healthy fats, gives a better satiating signal to the brain, which makes you less hungry. All that people that who survives on salads and low calorie foods are always thinking about food. So, Add some healthy fats. You know nature is smart. Nature has solution to all our problems. Here is where comes coconut oil. The closest thing that resembles the Mother's breast milk fatty acid profile is coconut oil. So you eat coconut in the form of:     

  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Flour
  • Coconut slices with peanut butter
  • Coconut water   

3. Right Exercise To Strengthen That Core Area. 

Whatever exercise you do, make sure to include exercises that strengthen the core, area. If you just put load in this area without strengthening, you will always suffer from back pain. 

 I have done this video to include the most powerful 10 minutes core workout after delivery.  

2.  Heal The Inflammations In The Body. 

Since you just had a major operation, Your body is inflamed. In the presence of inflammations it is impossible to lose weight effectively. these inflammations inside the body won't let you lose weight. So I strongly recommend you to eat Omega 3 capsules/ fish oil capsules. Because you have just gone a major operations, Your body is busy healing you. Help your body to repair the healing. Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio in the diet should be 1:1, but we consume way too much omega 6. In the form of vegetable oil, soybean oil.   

Omega 3 Supplement: . If you are breastfeeding, this is a must for your diet. Through your milk it will go to the baby, Studies have shown again and again that kids have higher IQ levels who consume more omega 3. 

1. Right Drinks And Snacks

This is most powerful tip, because post pregnancy you are home, and you are going through a lot. Food and Nutrition is now not the top priority for you. We tend to snack on wrong kind of stuff. So every Sunday prepare a batch of healthy snacks and drinks . 

Right Snacks 


Some of the powerful snacks are   

  • Roasted Fox Nuts
  • Roasted seeds and Nuts
  • Yogurt with seeds and nuts with some fruit in it.
  • Fruits with some healthy fat. Ike fruits with sprinkled sesame seeds or apple with peanut butter.

  Think about your healthy snacks before hand. 

Right Drinks

  • Buttermilk
  • Detox water ( ACV, with Lemon, honey , ginger and garlic ) : This speeds up the metabolism to burn more calories, or you can add in the salad dressings.


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