3 Powerful Ways to Speed up your Fat Loss and Burn that Belly Fat without Exercise

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3 Powerful Ways to Speed up your Fat Loss and Burn that Belly Fat without Exercise

Problem is because there are so many advices like miss breakfast or miss dinner, Eat fat, don't eat fat. Drink green Coffee or green tea that people tend to forget the most powerful ways to speed up fat loss. 

1. Caloric Deficit Approach 

I am not a fan of entering all the food data in the calculator, but you should have all done that once, so you have an approximate of how many calories you are eating and you should be deficient in to get your targeted weight.   There are many online Macro Calculators, which gives you an estimation of what you should eat and how a balanced diet looks like..   

These calorie calculator enables you to eat more, if you are on chronic dieting.   Most of my clients to their surprise are eating way too less and you know that when you drastically reduce your calories your body thinks there is a famine outside and hold onto those calories.   

2. Intermittent Fasting 


Not only you consume less calorie on that day and you are in caloric deficit, you are actually manipulating your hormones, this way speeding up fat loss. There are many ways to fast. Some people consume less than 500 calories. I have done many types of fasting. Fasting, where you eat 2 days of very low calories, Long term fasting meaning not eating for 3 days. Intermittent fasting is best amongst all because it is ways to do. It is not so extreme and a lifestyle that you can follow everyday. 

It restores your insulin sensitivity and promotes your human growth hormone. So, start taking Intermittent fasting seriously and if you find yourself very Hungry, you can take  Palak´s Power Coffee that will not kick you out of the fat burning mode and you will have all the benefits of fasting.  

Palak´s Power Coffee 


Powdered Coffee just for taste: 1 small Teaspoon MCT OIL: Half Tablespoon. If stomach ache then reduce the quantity . Butter: Home made or Kerry Gold : 1 Tbsp Coconut oil: 1- 2 Tbsp Cinnamon: Pinch Turmeric: Pinch 


Boil the water. Add rest ingredients and blend till frothy layer comes. If you are weight Lifter, add collagen protein in it.   

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3. Know Your Self/ Know Your Habits 

 This is powerful one. This can change your weight-loss journey all together. When you are in a caloric deficit state. Your body will keep sending hunger signals throughout the day to eat the left calories. Your body doesn't want to lose weight. Now you should know at which time of the day, you are tend to overeat or have cravings, find an alternate activity on that particular time.  


This was a game changer for so many people. The best thing you can do is to exercise when you crave foods. I know this is against to so many health theories of Circadian Rhythm and we should be technically winding down after 03.00 pm for the proper release of the hormone melatonin. But, I think workout out when you are hungry has fat more benefits that outweighs the side effects of working out late.  

Please share with me what helped you in your weight loss efforts. So that the whole community can benefit and you can talk to me anytime for Diet and Weight Loss Plan .


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