The Missing Link To Your Skin, Heart, Kidney and Brain Health : Coenzyme Q10 Tablets [New Research]

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Attention! Attention! Are you the one on Statins, are you looking to get rid of the side effects of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?  Are you the one fed up with Prolonged Fatigue?  Hey you, looking for Anti Ageing? I can also sense you are wondering about your Heart and Kidney health. STOP! Now, no worries!! 

My dear friends, you are fortunate enough to get it all settled right here and join the community who have already brought about this change in their life with me. Are you excited to be a part of it? Come let's get started. 

It's time to ease yourself with CoQ10, a hero supplement that is known: 

To relieve a Congestive Heart.

CoQ10 is needed to control Blood Pressure.

To slow down the Ageing Process.

To improve Heart and Kidney Health.

CoQ10 is helpful for people on Statins.

It promotes Cellular Energy. 

What Exactly is CoQ10?? 

The common form of CoQ10 is Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol having Antioxidant properties, it's quite an essential compound which helps produce energy and ensure proper functioning of the cell. 

Do you know where it actually gets stored in our Body? You can find the highest number of CoQ10 concentration with the Organs requiring the highest energy such as Heart, Liver, Kidney and Pancreas.  

This CoEnzyme, being able to supply more power to the body, gets stored in the powerhouse of the cell that is Mitochondria, which is the factory of Energy Production.  

CoQ10 works in a friendly way as it aids in better absorption of other Enzymes and Vitamins.  

Let’s Know About The Function of CoQ10!! 

To perform daily functions CoQ10 is essentially required. Among several other functions it majorly helps in efficient energy function, transportation of Electrons, regulation of blood pressure and yes of course it improves Health of Heart and Kidneys. The deficiency of which could lead to Malfunctioning of all the major organs. 

CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body but it decreases with age around 35 to 40 years and above which can lead to inflammations in the body. Hence, I suggest it to every Client to maintain a good amount of CoQ10 levels with intake of a Coenzyme rich diet along with supplemented tablets that gives more fruitful results. 

Oral Intake of CoQ10 Tablets is a must as it helps recover muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle cramps and muscle tiredness for the people who are on Statins and otherwise.  


To treat Muscle Breakdown, arising due to side effects of statin medicines CoQ10 Tablets can be added to your daily routine as well. 

Do you know what! CoQ10 tablets when taken along with a good diet has the ability to lessen the Oxidative stress in the skin, it delays and also reverses signs of ageing, not only this it assists in recovering Pigmentation too! 

OKAY! As you are here with me, as a surprise let's tell you the CoQ10 dietary sources! Do you want to know? Quick lets move ahead!  

Sources of CoQ10

CoQ10 can be supplied to the Human Body through various foods. Although we can find very limited Dietary content of CoQ10 in food sources. 

CoQ10 can be found in sources like: 

Oils:- Olive oil, Sesame oil  

Non-Veg Sources:- Chicken, Fish,  

Vegetables:- Parsley, Broccoli, Cauliflower 

Fruits:- Avocado, Grapes  

Nuts and Seeds:- Peanuts, Walnuts, Sesame seed, Pistachios, Almond, Hazelnut   

Oils are good Dietary sources of CoQ10. Quite rich sources are Meat and Fish. 

Note: Undoubtedly, these natural sources can work well, however to get a boost its just best to take the CoQ10 tablets in the Liposomal form. WHY? As Liposomal CoQ10 in Tablets Form have the capability to carry and deliver the nutrients directly to the cells and tissues.  

Liposomes are made up of Phospholipids that when enclosed with CoQ10 have more bioavailability and allow the nutrients to cross the cell membrane barrier easily. Liposomal CoQ10 Tablets have more rate of Absorption and utilisation as compared to NON-LIPOSOMAL form.   

CoQ10 Is Just The Right Thing For You. Let’s Check How? 

My friends do note CoQ10 is not only necessary for the cells to produce energy, but it also protects cells from getting harmed by the free radicals.  

CoQ10 is vital for absorption and maximising the effects of essential Vitamins and Nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body but it declines with age, as we reach 40 or above, when we need them the most. For those who aspire to look graceful with grey hairs too and get older having bare minimum health issues, I guess you don't have to think twice in including CoQ10 supplementation tablets in your diet routine.  

Just happily go for CoQ10 Tablets to enjoy your life like never before and be super healthy discarding the acute or chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, muscle disorders, cell damage, kidney diseases, body having high level of oxidative stress, deficient in Vitamin B, or are on Statin Drugs. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Coenzyme Q10 Tablets!!

  1. Boost and Sustain Natural Energy:- CoQ10 helps in Energy generation that our cells use for ATP Synthesis and efficiently carry on the metabolism process. It is also a good enzyme to reduce exercise related fatigue when supplemented with Dietary Changes.
  1. Prevents Free Radical Damage:- Let me tell you CoQ10 is a water soluble and fat soluble antioxidant that helps in oxidising the LDL, prevents oxidation damage to the DNA and of the membranes.
  1. Improve Heart Health and reduce side effects of Statin Drugs:- CoQ10 is a Heart protecting antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 tablets have a  strong potential for prevention and treatment of Heart Ailments.  

CoQ10 supplementation is recommended to restore natural levels of Coenzyme in the body up to the optimal levels and counter side effects of statin drugs including muscle pain. Does CoQ10 improve circulation?  

Yes, it might be able to increase blood flow and improve Heart Capacity and its healthy functions. CoQ10 supplementation having cholesterol lowering effects may prove beneficial for people who are on Statins. It gives energy to the Heart. In one single cell of your heart 10-15 thousand mitochondrial cells are there, that make energy for the heart, and if you are on statins the functioning gets weakened.

  1. Potential Benefits to Skin and Ageing Process:- It's highly important for fast metabolism, for strengthening of muscles, stronger bones,maintaining youthful skin and healthy tissues. Additionally, it helps minimise skin ageing factors such as Wrinkles, dullness, loss of Elasticity, and protects skin from UV Radiation.  

It elevates activity of Antioxidants and Glutathione to protect cell membranes throughout the body. Having Adequate amount of CoQ10 in the body is necessary to maintain skin moisture, hydration and to protect from Environmental stresses.

  1. Help In Fertility:- Female fertility declines with age and so the quality of eggs gets poor and the body becomes less effective in protecting the eggs. Coenzyme Q10 tablets help improve the fertility, the quality and quantity of eggs.  

Similarly, male fertility also gets harmed, as it results in reduced sperm count, quality and infertility. You should be aware that taking Statins lowers the cholesterol levels which lowers the testosterone, estrogen, progesterone levels as cholesterol is required for these hormones to form up. Reduction in these leads to depression, anger issues, brain fog and low energy.

  1. Provides Relief in Headaches:- CoQ10 is potent to provide sufficient energy to brain cells and is advantageous for the treatment of migraine. CoQ10 may reduce the harmful compounds possibly slowing the progression of Alzhemirs and Parkisons. Yes, it protects oxidative damage in the brain.
  1. On Statins, this is for you:- Statins lower our body levels of Coenzyme Q10, and as the levels of CoQ10 drops the effects of Statins increase. Stains can cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, liver and kidney damage, increased body sugar levels, type-2 diabetes.
  1. Normalizes Brain Activity:- Your brain cells get weakened when you are on Statins. There are two kinds of cells namely brain cells and glial cells (the army of brain cells). It repairs the damaged cells by layering the brain cell and that is done due to the presence of Cholesterol, my dear friends.  

Mind you taking Statins hampers the power of Glial cells to form a layer of cholesterol and the person suffers memory loss. Therefore, taking Coenzyme Q10 tablets become mandatory to normalise the brain activity, and functioning of Nerve connections. 

  1. Restore Blood Sugar levels:- Tablet of Statins should be reversed with Coenzyme Q10 tablets. Statins are responsible for causing a spike in the blood sugar levels and increase your insulin resistance. Friends be aware if you are taking BP medications, you have high chances of Diabetes.
  1. CoQ10 and Kidney Health:- Kidneys love CoQ10. Supplementation Of CoQ10 can benefit immensely in Chronic kidney disease patients. Kidneys filter out the waste of the blood flowing through them. Chronic Kidney disease is a condition in which the waste material does not get filtered out, and begins to build in the bloodstream.  

With all the constant pressure, free radicals, oxidative stress combined with toxic load impairs kidney to deliver its function, this is where CoQ10 comes to its relief. 


Wrapping up 

CoQ10 is comparatively well absorbed and tolerated and a safe supplement that may benefit overall for people looking for a natural way to boost health. 

Cutting it short, why don't you try Happy Heart, a healthy supplement with the presence of Liposomal CoQ10, Magnesium taurate, D-Chiro-Inositol, Methyl Folate protect cell structures, curb inflammations, reduce oxidative stress that increases the chances of stroke, improve skin irritability, also acts on Liver enzymes for cholesterol metabolism and the list is endless.  

To sum up you just have to name the issues you face and CoQ10 is there to set the thing right. 


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