From Puffy To Pretty: How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally at Home

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 How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally at Home

Don't we look for the things that can be done at home Naturally. We Indians largely opt for the Natural Remedies to treat some or the other thing, but you know what the most widely tried method at home is how to lose fat; especially facial fat at home. 

Ladies, I caught you. Yes, who doesn't like to look youthful, who doesn't want to have a perfect jawline, toned facial muscles, who doesn’t want to look vibrant, almost everyone of us.  

But for certain health issues, genetic factors, imbalanced diet, faulty lifestyle, we women suffer unwanted fat on our bodies that gets reflected on our face. Isn't it?  

From reciting Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin to looking like one in our childhood, was a goodness dipped in pleasure, when people used to come and pull our cheeks, but the story takes the wrong turn as this doesn’t remain the same when we become adults.  

This goodness turns to our weakness in the blink of an eye. Are you tired enough of the lame comments passed on you and trying to figure out the best ways to knock down this excessive fat? 

Here as you go through you will get answers to all your doubts regarding how to reduce facial fat naturally at home, because the solution to every problem lies close to us, the need is just to figure out the sources and the right guidance to help you out. Yes!! You're not alone.   

For those longing for sharp features, like sculpted Jawline, sharp nose, carved cheekbones, facial fat becomes annoying. To get the ideal face try having a complete weight loss approach with the my guided techniques below. Isn't it a good thought? 


  • Cryotherapy: In this therapy which can be performed at the comfort of your home is when your body is exposed to the hot and cold showers Performing long term Cryotherapy could help in cutting down excess face and body fat, as it helps in the disintegration of fat cells. As an alternative to taking showers you can dip your face in Icy cold water, but make sure the Vagus Nerve that starts at the center of the forehead gets dipped well. This therapy can provide you with almost 70% skin benefits.
  • Routine is Required: For being fat to fab, attention and consistency in your daily activities is required. This comes with having a proper morning and night routine, balancing the calories in the meals you take. For Example: having high protein breakfast cuts cravings and aids in weight loss by decreasing the levels of Ghrelin (the Hunger Hormone). Also weigh yourself each morning, which could be an effective method to boost your motivation for weight loss and self discipline. Spending some time in the sunlight in the morning can pose some skin and health benefits. When applying a cream or moisturiser be aware while moving your finger tips in the upward direction on your face, to maintain the proper structure. 
  • Hydration is the Mantra: Drinking water at frequent intervals boosts metabolism, keeps you full and reduces sudden cravings. Therefore, I advise my clients to have plenty of water that helps flush out harmful toxins, to have better fluid circulation, to reduce puffiness and make you look pretty. You can also try switching to naturally hydrating foods and juices especially melon, berries, cucumber, celery, citrus fruits, fresh herbs, coconut water, healthy smoothies, buttermilk. To shed off fat from your body I advise my clients to take at least 1 litre of water with added lemon and a pinch of pink salt to it, in the morning, that helps bring results. 
  • Good sleep time: To reduce face fat naturally at home, sleep deficiency cannot be taken into account. Deficient sleep shoots up Cortisol level (the stress hormone) that contributes to irregular eating habits like having food higher in calories and can lead to body and face fat. Having a good sleep is important for weight loss that assists you lose facial fat. We should pay extra attention to your sleep as it helps in reducing those stucked extra Kilos in our body.
  • Do watch your Sodium intake: Excess sodium is one of the key ingredients that causes water retention in our body that gets reflected on your face as extra fat. Sodium intake leads to the symptom of bloating that contributes to facial puffiness and swelling.
From Puffy To Pretty: How to Reduce Face Fat Naturally at Home
    • Eating Sugar, No People: Take a step back from refined carbs like sugar, it causes the unwanted fat around the belly, on your face as well and the overall body. Refined Carbs such as cookies, white breads, pasta, sucrose, syrups and frosting are common culprits of weight gain. These highly processed carbs lack beneficial nutrients and fibre and leaves behind only calories. Switching to Stevia is still a healthier option to pacify your sugar cravings.
    • More Fibre to your Diet: It's a free but valuable advice that for losing face fat and body fat in general increase the Fibre intake. Fibre intake is associated with weight loss as it helps crave cravings and takes care of your appetite and restricts your calorie intake. Try consuming Oatmeal, barley or related cereals. Fibres can be naturally found in a variety of foods, including green veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes. Having high fibre food cleanses the colon, curbs hunger, supports metabolism and balances hormones. 
    • Cardio/ Aerobic Exercise: Plan and incorporate a type of activity or workout that increases your heart rate, because that is an ideal way to burn out extra fat from your face and body. Studies suggest that Cardio helps promote fat burning and losing the unwanted fat and helps slim down your face and body and in turn make it better in appearance. Common Cardio Exercise could be running, dancing, walking, jogging, swimming that can be performed at low, moderate or high intensity. High Energy contributes to high intensity exercise which increases Growth Hormone; an anti ageing hormone and tones up overall physique, also weight exercises help in developing lean muscle mass. 
    • Consume More Collagen Protein: Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, that’s needed for skin elasticity, youthfulness, texture and structure. Therefore, it is quite necessary to manage the collagen levels in your body. After the age of 25 years, 1-2% collagen, the most abundant protein in our diet, gets reduced. Protein is an important ingredient for weight loss and having a good looking face and body. 

    Eating a more protein rich diet helps in major reduction in the cravings and the desire to snack. Eating plenty of protein can reduce Muscle loss, that helps to keep the metabolic rate higher as you lose fat from your face and body. 


    Let me also discuss some simple strategies to lose fat and also prevent unnecessary fat gain and go from Puffiness to pretty through Facial Exercise and Yoga Postures. Are you ready? Let's quickly jump in! 

    Facial Exercises: It helps toning up face muscles excessively and get a pretty, puffy, younger looking and rejuvenated face. Try your amazing exercises to your workout routine. Facial exercise helps a lot to improve facial appearance, combats ageing and improves muscle strength. 

    Studies show that performing facial muscle exercise twice for 8 weeks increases muscle thickness and improves facial rejuvenation. Face yoga is a modern beauty solution to boost skin firmness, put an end to the excess fat and provide relaxation to the face muscles. Performing face yoga helps stimulate the skin, lift sagging areas, reduce tension and stress, while encouraging a healthy glow.   

    Exercises to lose face fat naturally and get a natural lift for your neck muscles, jaws and cheeks:

    • Lip Pull Exercise 
    • Chin Lift Exercise
    • Fish Lip Exercise
    • Jaw Release Exercise
    • Air Blowing Exercise
    • Rotate your Tongue Exercise 
    Facial exercise

      To have a comprehensive idea how to perform facial exercise/yoga head over to the link, where I show you how to perform face fat reducing exercises in a simple and easy way.  

      Yoga Postures: Yoga postures may not be as quick as other exercises but are natural, effective, long lasting and quite a painless technique.  Do try out these yoga poses to reduce face fat naturally and gain positive results when performed properly. 

      • Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)
      • Jivha Bandha (Locked Tongue Posture)
      • Chin Lock   

      Face Massage: This is a vital technique in reducing face fat naturally to tone your muscles, make sure you are consistent enough to get the results. Face massage decreases water retention in our body and stimulates healthy blood circulation. 

      perform face masaage

      Way to perform Face Massage  

      Begin by applying oil to your face and neck.

      Move your palms in an upward direction.

      Start with your chin and gently proceed in a circular movement. 

      Gently tap on your face with your finger tips.

      Then gently massage along your jawline. 

      Repeat this exercise for about 5-8 times to reduce face fat.  


      Excess facial fat more visible in the cheeks, jowls, under the chin and cheek mainly occurs from weight gain and results from a poor diet, lack of exercise, ageing or genetic conditions. 

      Lifestyle changes will go miles in enhancing your facial beauty and get rid of bulging cheeks and double chin. Alongwith you should also concentrate on having a proper and healthy diet, drink adequate water, check sodium intake, take a good deep sleep, perform the above mentioned exercises of which I am sure to improve your overall health and add a glow to your face while trimming down your face fat at the same time naturally at home.     

      Do let us know which of the exercises helped you the most in reducing face fat naturally! And don't forget to tag Miduty with your BEFORE AND NOW picture, I am waiting to see your results.


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