Reversing Fatty Liver Naturally

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Reversing Fatty Liver Naturally

I often get the question on reversing this very familiar disease of fatty liver. Possibly due to the fact that I have always been spreading knowledge on the liver and its immense importance in our body.  

So let’s get started! 

In your childhood, you must have read that Liver is the largest gland and inner organ of our human body. And you must also have heard this quote - ‘With power comes great responsibility’.  

Following this universal statement, our Liver also has a lot of responsibilities to accomplish for the better functioning of our body. Hence, it is our responsibility to provide this responsible organ the better environment to function well.  

Our liver purifies all the food that we take and the air that we inhale. This means, whatever you intake from the environment, it is filtered by the Liver. But apart from this major function it has more functions to perform, that I will discuss later in this blog.   

Unfortunately, though the Liver has natural property to detoxify itself, due to the poor environmental circumstances and most probably your poor lifestyle we are making it tough to work. Due to bad lifestyle practices you are pressuring it to filter the toxins beyond its limit and therefore majority of you are facing the symptoms of poor liver functioning symptoms which further gives you Liver diseases.  

Fatty Liver is one such disease which is diagnosed in tests when it is already affected to an extent.  

But before I tell you the extent in percentage. I want you to know What Fatty Liver is?  

Before this, understand! Liver already has a layer of fat tissue around it to protect it from any shock. This fatty tissue around the liver is called adipose tissue. Fatty liver happens when this fat increases to 5% to 10% of its required fatty layer. 


Lets know, why having an abnormal liver affects the majority of the body functions. For this we have to know the functions of Liver in our body.   

 Functions of Liver  

There are multiple functions that our liver is performing for the survival of our body.  

  • Filtration - I’m sure you must have seen the filtration of tea with the help of a tea strainer. Refer your liver as a tea strainer which filters all the toxicity of your body.  

Where do the toxins enter your body?  

The food you take may contain pesticides, additives and environmental dust or foreign bacterias which brings a lot of toxins toxicity to your body.  

Secondly, remember when you buy new furniture. It comes with woody scents which gives your home a new freshness. These woody scents are toxic to your body and indirectly you consume them by inhaling.  

Third, it comes when you visit any parlour or salon. Recall the moment you enter any makeup studio, you can sense varieties of fragrances of creams, hair products or sprays, etc. All these are nothing but toxins that can even imbalance your hormones.  

All this toxicity is filtered by the liver. Now, what if the toxins are extremely accumulated to the brim and now the liver has no space to filter it?  

Like tea, the toxins will get spilled in your bloodstream. This will increase the toxins in your blood and will disturb your body’s functioning causing you multiple diseases and lifestyle disorders. 

  • Breakdown of larger particles - As discussed above, liver filters or separates the toxins from the mentioned three scenarios. 

Now, the question arises, what will it do with the separated toxins?  

It breaks down these huge toxin particles to smaller molecules or particles so that it can be removed from the body with urine or poop.  

Imagine if you constipated for even a single day or you have not taken enough water. Did this scare you now?  

I’m sure it must have. But it is important, only then we learn the importance of the basic things of our day. You cannot take a single day of constipation. This will give all the toxins back to your blood. For proper bowel movements, increase your magnesium intake by taking my Magnesium Relax.   

  •   Emulsification of fats - Emulsification is the process of breaking down the larger molecules of fats into the smaller particles or fat molecules. This breakdown in our body is done by the liver when we consume fats in our foods.  

magnesium relax

How does the liver do this?  

Fats from food stimulate the liver for the production of the bile juice for its digestion. This bile juice is a juice only which is produced by the liver, but stored in the gallbladder. When it gets the signal to release the juice, the gallbladder releases this juice in the small intestine for the digestion and absorption of fats. 

Now, if you have a fatty liver which means you have a compromised liver, when toxins will enter with fat molecules in your body the liver would not be able to produce the required amount of bile juice. Therefore, this will also interfere in the amount of bile juice secretion. Hence, somewhere it would then be responsible for causing you the gallbladder stones.       

And because now the gallbladder is inefficient in bile juice secretion the stones are formed and the toxins are also attached with the fat molecules all over the body. This will cause you to gain weight.  

That is why detoxification of the liver is important by my Liver Detox, which protects the liver by providing a shield with milk thistle and also detoxifies it by NAC (N-acetyl cysteine).  

  • Absorption of fat soluble vitamins - Our vitamins are divided into two categories on the basis of their solubility. One is fat soluble vitamins and the second is water soluble vitamins.  

As I have already discussed the role of the liver in the absorption and digestion of fatsTherefore, it is the responsibility of the liver only to digest and absorb vitamins solubilized in fats which are your Vitamin A, D, E and K.  

Hence, these vitamins reach the liver after getting absorbed in the small intestine. [1] 

When your liver is compromised due to fatty liver or even if you are a patient of any heart disease. You cannot absorb these vitamins properly. Therefore, the levels of these vitamins are reduced and cause deficiency symptoms, increasing the severity of the symptoms you are facing due to any of the two mentioned diseases.  

Hence, when diagnosed with fatty liver you should take the supplements of Vitamin A, D, K and Vitamin E.  

And because the absorption of Vitamin D increases in the presence of Vitamin K, hence it should always be taken in combination such as my Vitamin ADK which will give you a selective and better absorption. [2]  

Types of Fatty Liver Disease 

Fatty liver is of 2 types- 

  1. Alcoholic fatty liver disease
  2. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  3. Nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL)
  4. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) 
     1. Alcoholic fatty liver disease- As the name itself says, fatty liver disease caused by consuming alcohol is considered as the alcoholic fatty liver disease.  

    When you drink alcohol, it is taken up by the liver when it reaches the small intestine. Therefore, when you consume excessive alcohol, it becomes tough for the liver to absorb it. Hence, it gets built up in the form of fats around the liver.[3]  

    Moreover, everytime when you consume fats, it gets absorbed by the liver by damaging the cells of the liver.  

         2. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFL) - NAFL is a disease in which thefatty liver is caused without any consumption of alcohol. 

      It occurs when the fat is built up in the liver by consuming the toxic food and high bad fats. It is the leading cause of chronic liver diseases. Approximately, 25% of people are affected by this disease globally. [4]  

      NAFL is further divided into two types - NAFL (Nonalcoholic fatty liver) and NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). NAFL is caused due to the deposition of extra fat in the liver and may or may not have inflammation. Whereas, NASH is a condition in which the liver has inflammation and is even damaged. This condition is responsible for causing fibrosis and cirrhosis. [5]  

      Signs of Fatty Liver Disease  

      How to know if you have fatty liver disease? Definitely, by its symptoms. Hence, let’s know the symptoms of fatty liver disease.  

      • Inability to lose weight
      • High Blood Pressure
      • Low levels of Vitamin D
      • Low appetite 
      • Dark colour of urine
      • Mood swings
      • Dry skin
      • Frequent bruising in the body
      • Excess sweating 
      • High triglycerides level of heart patients in blood test reports 

      Remedies to Fatty Liver Reversal 


      • Weight Management - You know that being overweight always invites multiple diseases. It's not just fatty liver but also heart diseases and multiple deficiencies, etc are caused due to you being overweight. 

      But talking about fatty liver, it mostly comes with abnormal weight, therefore it is important to manage weight by managing the diet. You should start with intermittent fasting the immediate moment of discovering you are suffering from disease. This will help you in reversing the fatty liver. [6] 

      • Follow Low Carbs diets - Do you know taking a high carbs diet affects your body in a negative way? It is the major reason for your weight gain and fatty liver disease.  

      Addition to this, choose healthy fats, especially omega 3 fatty acids. For healthy fats in diet add nuts like walnuts, almonds and hazelnut, etc. You can take omega 3 from fish, chia seeds, flax seeds, brussels sprouts and avocados.   

      • Detoxification of Liver - Recall what I have discussed above. Liver detoxifies or removes toxins from your body. So it becomes obvious to detoxify the filtration organ of your body. For detoxifying your liver, start with raw vegetable juices.  

      Start with a short of coriander leaves, mint, ginger and mix with beetroot, pomegranate and carrots. 

      Addition to this, also add Liver Detox supplement which has milk thistle and NAC as discussed above.  

      • Working on Digestion - Now you know the importance of Liver in digestion, therefore if it is compromised you will be having issues with your digestive system as now your food is not properly separated from toxins.  

      Therefore what should you do?  

      You should maintain the acidic level of your stomach. The decrease of acidity in your stomach will not be able to kill the foreign bacterias and this will affect your intestines and good bacterias. Which will give you the symptoms of acidity, gastric issues and bloating. For increasing your stomach’s acidity start taking Betaine HCl + Pepsin.  

      Apart from this, the bile juice would also be less and for that you have to take bile juice from outside. Yes! This means in the form of a supplement. For this I have made a supplement with the name of Digest Fat, which works even if you have removed your gallbladder. This provides all the enzymes and bile juice to your food for its easy digestion.  

      Lastly, I want to conclude by saying, though Liver has the power to regenerate its cells. Still getting diagnosed with fatty liver is when it has given up with this power. Hence, keep your liver healthy and disease-free.  









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