Powerful Anti-Aging Hacks You Can Try to Look Younger Than Your Age

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Powerful Anti-Aging Hacks You Can Try to Look Younger Than Your Age

We Indians are so much obsessed with Bollywood actors, especially our female actors, that we always wanted to look like them, unknowingly the cost they bear to look camera friendly is much expensive.  

Even at this age, we are constantly seeking to know their beauty and anti-aging secrets. This curiosity increases during any upcoming family function or marriage season. As it isn’t just marriage, it's a complete festivity and we want to look ‘the best and the youngest mother or sister.  

After all, we all need to give answers to such questions - “Are you well? You have started getting wrinkles’’, “What’s wrong? Why are you not glowing the same way?’’ and the worst, “OMG! you have started looking old. Why don’t you join any religious group? Don’t mind just kidding.’’ it’s a never-ending list. 

Unfortunately, such experiences make a deep impact on your mind, disturbing your inner peace.  

Therefore, I’m sure you are also looking for tips and tricks to achieve the youngest version of yourself. Because your mental peace is most important to me.  

You might be shocked at how simple the solution is!  As I keep on researching more and more about cosmetics, I am constantly finding the secrets of better skin.  

Because after the requests of my ladies, I am shortly launching my own cosmetics brand - “Miduty”. Excited? I’m also super excited.  

Very soon I am going to give you a complete package of internal and external treatments for your aging. From my face yoga to the right cosmetics to be used.  

In this blog, I will talk about the internal anti-aging hacks that would make you look younger than your age. So stay tuned. 

6 Anti-Aging Home Remedies You Can Do to Look Younger Than Your Age  

     1. Intermittent Fasting 

I know as Indians, we all love food, and above this, we are the slave of our tongues. We do not eat according to our age and body requirements.  

Unfortunately, this habit is the only reason for your increased weight and also the wrinkles on your face. In most cases, we overeat food and meals when we are in our 40s. So I have a solution to this - Intermittent fasting 

Intermittent fasting creates significant changes in your body that decrease the aging process by preserving cells and keeping the DNA healthy. [1]  When our body is aging, our cells start to become damaged and inflamed which leads to cell damage causing major skin issues like wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. You must be thinking about how intermittent fasting helps in anti-aging. Let’s discuss it!

Intermittent fasting helps in anti-aging by causing the body to perform the following changes:  

  • Cell Repair: When we do intermittent fasting, the cells in our body remove the toxins that would otherwise cause cellular damage and lead to health issues. 
  • Change in Genes: Intermittent fasting results in changes in genes that enhance longevity and illness prevention. 
  • Changes in hormones: Intermittent fasting leads to a decrease in insulin levels which helps to avoid chronic diseases like diabetes and may increase longevity. 
  • Inhibits inflammation: Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation. 
  • Protection against oxidative stress: One of the biggest causes of aging is Oxidative Stress. Intermittent fasting helps against oxidative stress by increasing antioxidant levels in the body and preventing cell damage caused by dangerous chemicals known as free radicals. 

     2. HIIT or Endurance training  

 Believe it or not! Making your mind workout is a difficult decision, but once you make that decision, it's worthwhile. The happiest fact for me is, a lot of my ladies have started working out with me constantly and now are doing HIIT exercises with me. Those are getting results as well. But I know, still, there are many friends who are left and are not regular with working out.  

I can understand it takes time to make a routine. But trust me it is worth investing your time and efforts. You just need to visit my channel on your Youtube and start working out with me.  

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has been one of the most preferred ways to work out in recent times. It includes short intervals of intense activity; a common pattern of HIIT exercise is that 30 seconds of exercise is followed by 30 seconds of rest.

HIIT has been believed to enhance metabolism, burn fat, build muscle, and slow down the aging process at the cellular level. [2] Our body composition changes as we age because our growth hormone levels drop. 

Lower levels of growth hormones can result in decreased bone density, increased body fat, and decreased muscle mass. This aging process is stopped by HIIT.  

     3. Collagen  

    Do you know? 70% of our skin is made up of collagen only. Collagen is the main component of skin that gives our skin its elasticity and flexibility. 

    When we age 25, our body’s speed of producing collagen decreases, and the existing collagen in our body begins to degrade. By the time we reach the age of 60, we have half the collagen we did when we were 25. So, it is essential to have enough collagen in our bodies. [3] 

    Collagen helps in the elasticity and hydration of the skin. When your skin is properly hydrated, it appears younger and more glowing. Collagen is an excellent way to provide skin support. It also aids in the prevention of UV rays from the sun and photoaging. 

    Furthermore, Collagen may also help in promoting weight loss and keeping your body in shape. 

    Some anti-aging foods that contain Collagen include: 

    • Bone Broth
    • Chicken
    • Egg Whites
    • Fish
    • Leafy Greens
    • Garlic
    • Beans 

    As collagen is mainly found in non-vegetarian food, vegetarian people might be wondering how they can get enough collagen. Don’t worry! I have got you covered. If you are a vegetarian, you can also get Organic Plant Based Collagen which contains all the ingredients which help you get a better glow on your face.  


    Try Miduty Organic Plant Based Collagen


         4. Curcumin

     Curcumin is an ingredient found in the turmeric plant's root.  

    Turmeric has been used in Indian cuisine and herbal medicine for centuries. Although we use turmeric in almost all of our cuisines, we tend to overlook the benefits it gives to our bodies.

    According to research, some age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's, are less common in those who consume it on a regular basis, both nutritionally and medicinally. [4]  

    While we always chase buying expensive cosmetics, we overlook this cheap magical ingredient that is found in our kitchens. Turmeric helps in reducing excess oil on the skin, stops the growth of acne or pimples, and also keeps dirt away due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  

    If you are beginning to realize your age or want to avoid future health problems, include Turmeric in your daily diet. 

    For starters: One might begin by taking 1 tsp of turmeric per day (either straight up or mixed with vegetables). Moreover, turmeric is well known for its skin advantages, which can make you seem younger and prevent skin aging as well.  

         5. Anti-Aging Foods

     Healthy aging is a constant process of increasing possibilities to develop and preserve one's mental and physical health, as well as one's quality of life. Age-related changes such as bone loss, memory loss, weakening of the digestive system, loss of your senses, loss of skin elasticity, weight increase, and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related issues accompany aging.  

    To age healthy, it is critical to watch what you eat since as we age, our metabolism slows and our calorie requirements drop, but our nutrient requirements remain constant.  

    Choose nutrient-dense foods that are high in nutrients while being low in calories. Look for foods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. [5]  

    Consume seasonal green vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach to reduce inflammation and increase immunity. 

    Complete protein sources such as milk, fish, lean meat, and eggs should be included in your meals. Legumes, nuts and seeds, pulses and dals, paneer, and milk are all acceptable if you are a vegetarian.  

         6. Resveratrol 

      Remember discussing the wine benefits with your friends? Even if it is also a fermented drink, it is still categorized in the good books of our society. Ever wondered why?  

      Even doctors recommend consuming red wine in moderation. But drinking wine regularly has other side effects, so we recommend taking the beneficial part of the wine i.e resveratrol, through our Stop aging capsules.  

      Resveratrol is a plant-based ingredient present in a variety of foods, including grapes, red wine, certain berries, and peanuts. It contains antioxidant capabilities and can neutralize free radicals (damaging cells), which can cause skin damage. Studies have shown that free radical resveratrol fights against the cells which are known to damage the health of our skin. [6] 

      As mentioned before, we start to lose our natural collagen and elastin as we tend to age. We start to notice skin losing its elasticity. Antioxidants are thought to help defend against free radical damage's accelerated aging effect. Resveratrol has a dual impact, removing free radicals while also increasing antioxidant levels, allowing your skin to better defend and heal itself. 


      Try Miduty Stop Aging 


      Contains Resveratrol in liposomal form along with green tea extract and blueberry extract and other ingredients which are known to promote better skin health and boost immunity.  

      Miduty Stop Aging has Liposomal Trans-Resveratrol which is a more bioavailable and biocompatible form of resveratrol and can be readily absorbed without causing any toxic effects. It is more than 16 times better than the normal Resveratrol that we usually get from other nutraceuticals. 


      • For years, people have been trying to look and feel younger by using anti-aging treatments and surgery. 
      • Many people include anti-aging foods in their diets as better options for slowing the effects of aging from within. 
      • Anti-aging foods have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, eyesight, brain ability, gastrointestinal health, and skin protection. 
      • Your age is represented by two figures: Chronological Age and Biological Age. The number of birthdays you've had determines your chronological age. Another thing to consider is your biological age. This age is defined by how your body performs and the amount of wear and tear on your cells. 


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