Know how Fatty Liver is Putting Your Health at Risk and its Reversal Techniques!!

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Know how Fatty Liver is Putting Your Health at Risk and its Reversal Techniques!!

Do you know the Story of the Liver? Liver is an organ that functions accurately even if it is affected or even damaged about 50 to 80% and there is no test or report that can detect hidden signs and symptoms of Fatty Liver or Liver Damage at the Initial Stage? 

So let me put this in a way that if you are facing difficulty in weight loss, have skin pigmentation, memory problems, get bruising easily, fatigue, weariness, constipation, acid reflux then mind you it is not at all wise enough to ignore these alarming signs. 

Prevention is better than cure, therefore taking action before it's too late is mandatory or otherwise you might think, oh god how better it would have been if I had noticed these signs and protected myself from falling into this pit of Fatty Liver or Liver damage. 

Yes, ignorance might be bliss at times, but in the case of health, it is the worst thing.  

If you already have read a lot of magazines, books, searched through various sites but are still hovering on the degrading Fatty liver conditions.  

I have written this blog especially for you, to learn about the symptoms of Fatty liver, what are the techniques to reverse the Fatty liver or Liver Damage. I am here at your rescue, and yes together we can do it.  

Time to Check-up for Your Liver !! 

Fatty Liver is also known as Hepatic Steatosis. Can you Imagine how bad it would be that the organ which is responsible for processing nutrients from food and filtering harmful pollutants and substances from our body goes on attacking other organs. 

Yes, it's true that our immune system gets affected if our liver doesn't work well. The problem is we always pinpoint the external factors being responsible for our sickness, but did you know there are people who haven’t fallen sick for some years? The reason behind this is the well built immune system which is directly proportional to your Liver Health and its functioning.  

You have to fear nothing if you have a strong and powerful immune system that can handle any virus, deadly bacteria or what not. 

Wouldn’t it be better if we know the Major Functions of the Liver; that Malfunctions in the condition of Fatty Liver! 

     1. Filtration: Filtering out toxins, detoxing the body is the primary function of the liver. Cells have one work to produce energy through food, if you are not feeling energetic while having food then cells are not working well.


Today there are numerous sources of toxins including breathing the harmful fumes of paint, of the smell of new furniture, using hair sprays etc which gets inside our body and if the liver is fatty and it is unable to filter these poisonous fumes and toxins that get stored in our fat and muscle and circulate through our blood stream.  

Additionally, excessive fructose consumption causes Liver Imbalance, and hinders the filtration process.

     2. Breakdown: If these unfavourable particles get close to the liver, it gets excreted out through stool and urine, but the case is not the same in Fatty Liver. Liver has enzymes to carry out the process of breakdown. 


It's only when cells are getting severely affected, the test can verify that your Liver is being compromised, while in the meantime the acute and chronic problems get aggravated. 

     3. Emulsify: Whenever we eat food, the brain sends signals to the liver to produce bile juice as every food has fat. Bile is capable of beating off the harmful chemicals that get inside the fat. But if our Liver is compromised or the condition of Fatty Liver prevails, then the particles reach the intestine, and here the Gallbladder stores extra bile, to help the Liver.


EXTRA INFO: Do you know if the Liver doesn't produce sufficient bile due to its Malfunction or Fatty Liver, Gall bladder stones form up. 

Don’t be astonished when I say Heart Patients you have to work on your liver!! Because if this fat doesn’t break down it gets spilled in the body, then you may witness an unusual increase in the levels of triglycerides. 

If you are not able to absorb fats in the liver, then the chances of dry skin, digestion discomfort and deficiency of all fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K will occur, so it's imperative to work on our Fatty Liver. 


Fatty Liver doesn’t happen by eating fats. It's a Myth. 

How Fatty Liver Actually Happens? An Eye-Opener!! 

It arises due to the fat gained from metabolism of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates that we eat in excess like burgers, pizzas, cookies, sugar, convert into Fatty Acids, the needed amount is extracted by the body and the rest get accumulated to your liver.  

Our liver is overburdened through pollution, pesticides, paints, hair sprays, cosmetics etc. can make our bodies more inflamed. 

What you gotta do is: Eat Right and Reverse the Proportions.  

More Pulses, Less Grains

More Veggies, Less Fruits

More Butter/Ghee, Less or No Vegetable/Refined oils

Try Fasting, Not Dieting 

Every part of your body can be regenerated skin, eyes, liver, all you gonna do is follow my advice and provide your body with RAW food items.


Ways to Heal the Fatty Liver : Reversal Techniques  

You know why I have a specific concern of Fatty Liver Disease, because my Mom and Dad faced this ailment and have successfully reversed 3rd Grade Fatty Liver to normal and healthy liver functioning. Do you want to have the same results? Don't worry I, me, my guidance and self formulated Supplements are with you in this journey to reverse it.  

Check out for these hidden symptoms right now! 

  • Weak Immune system
  • Heart Issues
  • Pigmentation
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Dark Urine
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lack of energy levels
  • Memory Loss
  • Difficulty in Losing Weight (mainly in the Abdominal region)
  • Muscle cramps
  • Bruising Easily
  • Constipation
  • Acid Reflux
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Frequent Mood Swings 

If you nodded in any of the above mentioned symptoms, time to check out these strategies to cure Fatty Liver naturally!!

     1. Go for Raw Vegetable Juice and remove toxic foods from your diet.  

I advise not to intake a diet high in processed food as the high Fructose corn syrup works against Liver Health.  Else make a short of any herbs coriander, ginger, mint and mix it with carrot, beetroot, pineapple, pomegranate juice as it works as a natural cleanser.  

Carrot has beta- carotene that converts into Vitamin A in our body and this Vitamin helps to flush out Toxins. To improve impaired function of Liver, vegetable juice acts as a natural cleanser that makes the vegetables easy to digest and readily available for absorption. Therefore, it's a must have.

     2. Increase Potassium in your Diet

As its deficiency causes Liver to suffer at large as you may encounter symptoms like BP, Muscle cramps, Fatigue, Heart Palpitations, Mood swings. Our body needs 4700 mg/ day.  

It's good to add Sweet potato, spinach. Having the foods loaded with potassium naturally cleanse the gallbladder and improve bile flow. 

  1. You can definitely take these natural remedies, but to give a jump, start the process with aggressive recipes and most importantly with supplements that are needed to back it. Try Miduty Liver Detox concocted with ayurvedic herbs like Beetroot, Artichoke extract and Dandelion that can help recover from Fatty Liver, Liver toxicity or Liver Damage.   

Miduty Liver Detox 

It provides extra help to your liver to detox, especially for the people with no gallbladder. As dandelion flower and root is filled with vitamins and minerals and has a natural diuretic effect, it allows the liver to quickly eliminate toxins alongwith balancing blood sugar levels, strengthening immune system and soothing digestive issues. 

Milk Thistle, a very powerful detoxifying herb helps to fight Liver disease and reduces the Liver injury caused by a number of drugs and environmental toxins, alcohol related issues. Milk thistle has the potential to block the entry of toxic substances into the liver by creating a protective layer around the membrane.

Make it a point to look for Milk Thistle that has a good amount of Silymarin, as researchers suggest that this ingredient helps to strengthen the cell walls and also support the regeneration of the Liver. 

You can get 80% Silymarin levels, the highest percentage available in the market, in none other than Miduty Liver Detox.

Eat those vegetables that are bitter and leafy green, as it improves Glutathione, a master Antioxidant that gets formed with the conversion of NAC (N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine) in our body. Our body requires 400-600 mg per day of NAC for the regeneration of liver, improvement in patients with Liver Cirrhosis, reversal of fatty liver, the sufficient amount of which you get from Miduty Liver Detox supplement. 

Wrapping Up 

A fatty liver can result with no symptoms at all, or can give an alarm with one or more common signs like loss of appetite, weakness, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue etc. 

Along with a healthy diet for the Fatty liver, including liver- friendly and liver boosting food like Artichokes, bitter and leafy green veggies, seeds and nuts exercise can help in maintaining healthy weight and decrease fat accumulation.  

Cleaning and Detoxifying the liver, helps to flush out pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, out of our system resulting in Healthy Liver.

Supplements Milk Thistle, NAC (N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine), Curcumin are essential to improve Fatty liver which you can get through Miduty Liver Detox and Miduty Digest Fat.


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