Instant Gas Relief: Try these Simple Techniques to Remove Gas from your Stomach

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Instant Gas Relief

According to Ayurveda, 96% of diseases like Gall Bladder stones, Peptic Ulcers, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Constipation, SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), are all caused by digestive problems. 

Knowing this if you want to fix your digestion naturally, or eagerly want to get rid of Gas, constipation, Bloating, Acidity and all sorts of digestion discomfort, then head forward as I share with you simple techniques to witness permanent relief from gas and indigestion from the comfort of your home.  

Till now, all of us have been following the approach of taking Tablets or Antacids Pills in case of Acidity, Gas as prescribed by medical science although which is not focused to cure the problem instead it makes the underlying issues more worse. Hence, it becomes important to resolve the problem well in time which otherwise may lead to skin damage, extreme hair fall, bones becoming weak and prone to fractures along with causing extreme fatigue in our body.  

In today's time it would not be wrong to say “You are what you digest”.

Now, the question arises how to identify, know the exact reasons and find out simple yet best techniques to have instant relief from gas or acidity. Jump in! 

What Is Gas or Acidity? 

Does it mean there is an excess of acid in our Stomach? 

Is this the reason why we take Antacids, so that acid in our stomach gets dissolved? No, it's not like that.  

The cause of the disease is our stomach’s inability to produce enough Acid to digest the food. Our Stomach acid is our friend and not our enemy.  

Using Antacid can provide you temporary relief for your problem but it doesn't get cured and relapses with more force the other time.

You should not try to reduce stomach acid as many crucial functions of our body depend on it. 

  • The Stomach Acid helps in complete absorption of Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Polyphenols and much more.
  • It holds the potential to kill any sort of bad bacteria or viruses that goes to the stomach via. our food.
  • It helps in the better digestion of food because if your stomach acid is high, you will not face the issue of Acid Reflux. 

Reasons For Gas or Acidity

  • The biggest underlying reason for gas or acidity in the low production of the stomach acid while its the myth deeply ingrained in our mind that acidity occurs due to the presence of excess acid.  

It's really not like that, it's because of the low levels of stomach acid or HCL required for the complete digestion of the food, and hence it remains undigested producing harmful toxins which can contribute to the onset of various diseases. Having low levels of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) can result in issues like Mineral shortages, Autoimmune reactions and skin issues.

  • The other reason which equally contributes to Acidity is stress, it sucks a lot of things from our body. If your mind is involved in multiple tasks, you are disconnected with your food and result in eating food quite fast or rather gulping it.  

There are multiple enzymes involved in the proper digestion and absorption of food, hence it becomes necessary to maintain good relations with your food, so that the gas is not formed out of it.

  • If you take heavy or hard to digest foods like Pulses, certain lentils are mainly carbohydrates and high protein that sets in the stomach, if there is not enough production of Acid to digest and it starts to ferment leading to the formation of Gas.  

Formation of gas is a red flag which states to avoid eating those foods in the evening time.

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  • Acidity occurs to those who intake a lot of Anti-Inflammatory Medicines like the medicines you take for Headache, Fever, Cough and cold all of these largely reduces the stomach acid.  

This should never happen as these lead to numerous deficiencies in your body to which occurs dark circles, skin loses its vitality and elasticity, brittle nails. 

  • Water having PH level seven is Alkaline, so avoid taking water with food as it calms down or rather extinguishes the acidic environment of the stomach required for the proper digestion and it doesn't move down leading to Acidity and Acid Reflux
  • One of the most neglected factors of gas or acidity is lying down after having meals but is equally important to look after it. 

As you lie down a lot of pressure is put to the Cardiac Sphincter and it faces a violent push. Therefore I recommend not eating at least two hours before sleep. 

Functions of Stomach Acid (The Science behind it) 

The Acid in our stomach is very important because it digests our food. It takes out the protein from our food, but why does our body need Protein? To make our skin tight.  

If you face hair fall, or your skin has become loose or saggy, if your nails do not grow, the reason behind it is that Protein is not being digested for which level of stomach acid is required to carry out its breakdown process.  

Stomach acid or Hydrochloric acid (HCL) and other gastric juices plays a key role in destroying the bad bacterial growth, thus helping in the expansion of the good bacteria essential for our digestive organs to carry on its process without any hindrance. 

As the ingestion of food takes place, our stomach gets the signal to get ready to produce the enzymes and the acid for the digestion process. Our Stomach and food pipe are divided by a gate known as Cardiac Sphincter because it has direct relation with the heart. 

Instant Gas Relief

Cardiac Sphincter is a muscle that becomes tight and narrow as soon as it gets the signal that food is coming, and forms a gap from where the food gets down into the stomach.  

But due to less acid in the stomach the food doesn't get digested and instead of going down it reverses upwards, because of the presence of gas in the stomach and also due to the gap that stays open. 

Although what should happen is as soon as the food enters the stomach, the gate (Cardiac Sphincter) must be closed but it becomes tight because of the stress in our environmental factors.

In Fact, every muscle gets affected by the stress factors as the body starts preparing itself to run away from diseases. 

Your brain and your thoughts are related to digestion. Know this! 

 If next time you face a Gas or Acidity issue try out these Effective Techniques to get Instant Relief.

     1. Baking Soda: 

You can consider taking Baking Soda as an alternative to Antacid to pacify the Gas or Acidity for that particular time, however I won’t advise taking it on a regular basis.

     2. Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Acidity leads to burning sensation at times because of the development of ulcers in the body. So having ACV before your meals increases your stomach acid and helps in digesting the food easily. 

     3. Ginger: 

Using Ginger could also prove to be a good way to increase the stomach acid to make digestion smooth. Ginger increases the production of saliva, bile and other gastric juices that promote digestion and keep formation of gas or acidity away.

     4. Chew your food Properly: 

The first process of digestion starts from the mouth, where our teeth act as grinders. Apart from that there are enzymes present in the mouth that start the digestion where the fat, namely MCT( Medium Chain Triglycerides) gets digested by an enzyme called Lipase.

     5. Quit food that causes Acidity: 

Which products give you acidity or trigger gas issues? Dairy or Gluten products. Gluten is a protein in wheat that our body doesn't know how to digest.  

I know you might be thinking if we cannot have Roti or Paranthas then what should we eat? I give you a simple solution just head over and download my FREE DIET PLANS in which every healthy replacement of gluten is specified.

     6. Betaine HCL + Pepsin:  

If your food is having more protein like cottage cheese, lentils, chicken, fish then you need pepsin, which you can easily find in my Betaine HCL + Pepsin Supplement. 

Pepsin is highly beneficial in the digestion of protein, while it is also known to provide relief in stomach illness symptoms like nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation by regulating the secretion of digestive juices.   

Intake of this supplement assists in maintenance of acid balance and prevents stomach infections by stopping pathogens from reaching the gut. 

Betaine HCL + Pepsin

     7. No Antacids: 

Stop taking Antacids immediately because this is the major factor for not allowing the gas or acidity and digestion problems to be cured from the root.  

Use of the Antacids suppress the Stomach acid that leads to nutrient malabsorption and cause an increase in the indigestion symptoms and also making us prone to much severe infections. “Antacids don't aid stomach acids, but put an end to the stomach acids.”

     8. Water and Water: 

If you still feel hungry in between different meals of the day, drink water. What does it actually do? Your stomach has a Mucosa Layer, a watery layer that gets hydrated with the help of water. So, Drink more water guys!!  

     9. Fix your Gut: 

In your gut resides 90% immunity. Now scientists are also discovering something called the gut-brain axis. Your gut has a protective layer of good bacteria and antibiotics are killing this layer.  

In Fact there are two types of bacterial colonies A) Lactobacillus Acidophilus B) Bifidobacterium. These two act as mother colonies which form other colonies in your body. 

Basically, Leaky Gut is a condition in which the lining of the digestive tract gets damaged, allowing germs and foreign particles to enter into the bloodstream. 

My self formulated supplement leaky Gut could be an ideal choice to improve the bad digestion, repairing the body’s normal functioning, curing immunological problems and treating gas and heartburn as well. 

The reason to launch this supplement is to mend the intestine and promote and improve Gut health.  

Winding Up 

Maintaining good levels of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is potent to prevent the issues like Mineral shortages, Autoimmune reactions and skin issues.  

To fix all your health issues, fix your gut. As there are both healthy and dangerous bacteria in the digestive system. Therefore, by following these simple techniques you can get much relief and have a balance. 

Make sure to avoid Antacids, that becomes the hurdle in the proper digestion of the food. Try the above mentioned health tips and  supplements that have the capacity to fix the root cause and provide tons of energy, clear mental focus and more.


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