Instant Back Pain Relief Tools that are More Effective than Drugs

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Instant Back Pain Relief


How to manage back pain without drugs. I want to here point out herbs and spices that one can take while having back pain. We will elaborate more on herbs and spices than exercise and yoga. In the last article for inflammations in the last, you did mention about pain relieving herbs, oil. Keep in mind that someone reading this article is suffering from sharp back pain. 

So we will not talk about long-term strategies, we will talk what they can do immediately. Also we will not mention too obvious stuff.  There are too many articles on the internet saying the same thing, we have to look for something effective and immediate and not so common.   

Chronic Lower Back Pain 

Reason - A tight psoas and quad muscles are actually the biggest culprit of back pain. Sitting down shortens these muscles which then pull the lower back creating an anterior pelvic tilt. Once that happens gravity unforgivingly tries to put your face into the ground! psoas mobility exercises 

Sudden Back Pain 

Reason-  This happened when you exercised wrongly or overstretched some muscle. This indicates that there was already an underlying problem that has come to the surface. It is really time Instant relief strategy. 

  1. Cayenne Cream: Also called capsaicin cream, this spice comes from dried hot peppers. It alleviates pain by depleting the body's supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that transmits pain signals to your brain.
  2. There is an acupressure point, between the finger and the thumb  Insert that Video 
  3. write the top 3-5 DIY stretches to have the relief.
  4. Inversion table if you have one.
  5. EFT ( emotional freedom technique ) 

Some people swear by it. Do not make a habit of wearing this belt everyday because your back muscles will get used to it. One should never wear a belt always. There is a drink with pepper and turmeric and ginger for pain relief- look and add that drink. 

Long Term Strategy

Start sitting on the medicine ball in front of the television. It strengthens the muscles. 

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