Incredible Tips for Dealing with Child Obesity

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Child Obesity

Every parent desires a healthy and happy start for their child in life, Right!? But are we parents paying much attention in achieving the same? Hold on to your answer and verify, as you continue to read!  

You know, in our lives we have often heard Parents saying that the health problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension etc they are dealing with at their age shouldn't be faced by their children at all.  

But how? So now it's not the time to just say, but also to act in the right direction, with cautious steps there for you below.  

To start with, learn about nutritious foods for kids and healthy habits to counter these diseases and mainly Obesity. A nutrient-rich diet is one of the pillars in achieving a nourishment essential for maintenance of life and growth goals for your children. Hold on! it's just the start. 

Childhood Obesity- An Overview 

Food is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and for children it's the thing that lures them the best. For a disease free life start with providing healthy and nutrition rich food to your kid. But nowadays it seems to be a negligible concept because we parents are somehow failing to plan out the nutritionally dense diet for our little ones.  

Also, many foods available for kids are extremely unhealthy and lack nutritional value. Furthermore, some food with vitamins are teeming with artificial flavours, sugars, preservatives, and unhealthy fats which is possibly leading to obesity in children. Obesity is a condition caused when excessive body fat gets accumulated and affects our body negatively.  

According to NHP (National Health Portal) In 2014 more than 1.9 billion adults (18 years and older) and 41 million children under the age of five were overweight. Nearly half of the children under five who were overweight or obese in 2014 lived in Asia. 

Disturbances caused in the lifestyle and in the energy balance shoots up obesity in children. The food our kids intake produces energy, but the imbalance caused due to inefficient use of that energy through means of daily activities/ workouts promotes child obesity which brings along several other health issues. 

What is Child Obesity? 

Childhood obesity also known as Paediatric obesity is very common but a complex disease in which a child significantly becomes overweight for his or her age and height due to the imbalance of calories. It is regarded as a serious health condition that affects children and adolescents making them more prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels, which were once considered as adults’ problems.  

Relatable? Stick around to know how it affects! 

It not only affects a child's physical health but also severely impacts a child's emotional, social and psychological health. So, there is an urgent need to curb childhood obesity, prevent any serious medical conditions and also helps the child to gain self esteem and overcome the bunch of complexions faced in day to day life.  

Mums and dads let’s tell you more! 

I am sure you must be wondering how exactly child obesity can be cured and further prevented. So let us dive in to experience Incredible Healthy Tips for kids dealing with child obesity. 

Let's assure you, Yes, it’s completely self-diagnosable, Self-Treatable and with consistency can be resolved within months.

 Child Obesity: Check out for these Symptoms! 

A healthy kid is a happy kid, do you agree? I hope you said a big YES!  

As we know kids usually possess surplus energy and enjoy activities or sometimes even little pranks with their parents, being creative but the parents of overweight/ obese children miss out on such liveliness of their kids because of the low energy levels that restricts the body from participating actively. 

Gaining a lot of weight creates lack of interest in the kids,they avoid being sociable, become frustrated, and suffer high intensity of every emotion. 

Don't ignore these symptoms of obesity in children and make efforts for its reversal. Parents bookmark these!!

  • Children dealing with obesity gain extra fat largely around the waist.
  • Clothes feeling tighter, need a large size.
  • Skin of Kids with obesity becomes loose,bulky.
  • Could experience Breathlessness
  • Becomes frequently lethargic
  • Stretch Marks could be visible
  • Impoverished Gut Health
  • Constipation
  • Could be seen snoring
  • Body Pain 

Do You Know? 

According to a report by NFHS, the rate of overweight children under five years of age has increased from 2.1% (2015–2016) to 3.4% (2019–2021).

More than 14.4 million children are obese in India, the second highest rate all over, behind China.  

Child Obesity

Causes Of Child Obesity

  • Binge Eating - Kids eating high calorie fast foods, baked goods, is the major cause for your child to gain weight. Parents, I know we are so occupied with lots of daily household chores, and miss out paying attention to the diet of our kids, so they eventually end up gulping a lot of extra food. It put kids at the risk of obesity, heart problems and type 2 diabetes.
  • Family Factors - If your child comes from a family of overweight people, he or she is more likely to gain weight. Parents pay attention to eating patterns whether a child maintains a healthy weight or gains excess calories. We mothers must ensure that home cooked food is being packed with children at school, and childhood obesity at bae.  
  • Psychological Factors- Personal, parental and family stress and eating habits can increase a child's risk of obesity. Sometimes obese children and adolescents get bullied by their peer groups, this leads to stress, anxiety, depression. These feelings lead to children opting for food as a source of comfort and cause even more weight gain. 

Discover Some Unknown Facts On : Child Obesity !!

Hey Parents! Let's draw your attention as you discover these unknown facts on Child obesity. These simple yet effective steps once incorporated and followed consistently will give you no reason to regret. Adhere to it as a step - by- step guide to healthify your kids body. These facts not only help your child to look good but also feel good. What are you waiting for? Scroll down! 

  • Increase Your Protein Intake and Schedule carbs - Parents I advise adding more proteins to your child's diet, every meal should have around 25-30 gm,try opting for beans, lentils. Proteins have a high- thermic effect that causes an increase in metabolic rate, which means your body needs more calories to digest it. Parents do make it a healthy note for your kids to have carbs on time not more than 100-150 gm, make it around their workout/activities they indulge in.  
  • Stop cravings, do not Snack - Cravings are because of hormonal Imbalance and emotional distress. Parents do not provide them snacks every hour. Add ghee, butter to the food of your child, as it keeps them full until the next meal. Make your kids have more green leafy vegetables as compared to salads,I know kids make faces but it's important to make them eat a lot of veggies. Avoid High Fat Foods. 
  • Parents make the habit of eating less and moving more - the Focal point of your family routine. Do make walking part of your lifestyle, take stairs as seeing you enjoy,your child will adapt to these changes easily. Check if work to be done while sitting, can be done while standing. Eg: like getting the homework done, bathing, making your kids dance, make them play outdoors.  
  • Take care that your child is having a good amount of sleep, which helps fight stress. Do make your children sleep timely between 9 to 10 pm
  • Exercise Is the Key , Consistency is the Master Key - It helps to tone the body of your child as it burns extra fat. It tightens your skin, resolves issues of Stretch Marks.Your kid will come to know the change through navel area as it gets smaller. Being consistent, and fixing a time for workout, helps the body of your child change gradually from obese to a healthy body. Parents workout with your kids to make them achieve their goals. 
  • Better Hormones- Parents I emphasize to make an effort to balance the hormones for your children by adding more good fat like olive oil, coconut oil, butter,seeds but avoid nuts. Vitamin D helps in formulating many hormones in the body. Take your child for a nature walk or do nature adventurous activities, try yoga, let your child go out in the sunlight and play which boosts happy hormones. 
  • Spend money on healthy food and supplements - Try growing organic vegetables, herbs other than the foods grown with the help of pesticide. It's important to provide good food to your gut bacteria.Parents make sure your kids eat supplements and don't cheat by throwing them, yes, we know kids do that!  

Incredible Health Tips for Kids dealing with Child Obesity 

Studies emphasize the importance of Childhood Nutrition and its impact on kids.

Adequate nutrition supports growth, protects the body from diseases and promotes healthy eating habits in kids throughout life. 

Are you enthralled to grasp more, let's jump to health tips for kids dealing with child obesity and helping them come back in shape. Do ensure the best nutrition for children like a diet rich in protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin D needed for good health and also to deal with obesity. Get accustomed to these incredible health tips to gain maximum results.

  • Nutritious healthy breakfast

Regular intake of nutritional breakfast improves a child's behaviour and reduces the risk of child obesity. It pumps up children's bodies and adding saturated fats like coconut oil provides the kids energy throughout the day. Try to choose free range meat, eggs or chicken. The breakfast bowl must have a balanced portion of protein, fibre, healthy fats and antioxidants. An addition of green leafy, colourful veggies like cauliflower and onion works well.

  • Switch to Home Cooked meals 
Child Obesity

    We mothers make every possible effort to provide the best for the healthy growth and development of their children.  

    Home Cooked dishes are packed with lots of nutrition, healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties that impart more nutrition than processed and canned foods, in which you can get sugar and excess sodium. Make sure you give organic and gluten free whole grains. Carbs are vital for kids, get it through vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.  

    • Replace Artificial Sweeteners 

     Children are more attracted and addicted to colours and taste of the junk food, carbonated drinks. On the other hand, if parents try to switch their cravings to homemade juices, coconut water, buttermilk etc as it improves metabolism and burns more calories. Parents you can try adding honey, dates etc, it's advisable to use them in moderation. 

    • Limits Screen Time  

    When your child is sitting in front of screens they become so absorbed that they ignore the feeling of satiety, and tend to eat more. Sometimes, we parents also let our children watch screens for long hours and don't motivate them to go outside in gardens, parks and go creative. Thus, instill the habit of playing and limiting the screen time, to help your child deal with obesity.

    • Positive Reminders to self  

    Kids look up to their parents in every term, they are their first teachers and ardent supporters as they motivate them to live better and healthy lives. It is needed that kids dealing with obesity should be given a positive talk by their parents, as that motivates them to cope up and achieve their health goals.

    • Plan fun activities 

    Parents, I suggest making children with obesity comfortable in doing fun activities. Figure out the workouts or activities that interest your child and engross their attention, so that they continue doing it everyday without much fatigue. 

    Walking, running, swimming, cycling, climbing  and playing a sport should be added in your child's routine,it burns extra calories and keeps the body of kids in shape. It will boost their self- esteem.

    • Adequate sleep 
    Child Obesity

      Having sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours is as important as having a healthy diet, and avoiding junkies. Good sleep leads to proper functioning of hormones, assists appetite and limits food intake which helps in gradually losing weight.Kids with too little sleep results in gulping bigger portions of food. 

      Not Enough.. Want Some More! Try the ideas below. 

      • For a healthy change you can try adding homemade baked eatables for kids.
      • Protein is necessary for the growth and development of muscles, bones, skin, and other tissues in children. It provides the building blocks for the growth and repair of these tissues, which is essential during childhood. Your kids will definitely enjoy our Chocolate flavoured Protein shake made with Vegetable and Herbal Extracts making it good for weight management .This protein shake combined with physical activities will work wonders for the body. 

      Protein Shake


      Parents, I advise you to look out for the symptoms of child obesity and keep a note of your child's eating routine at home and at school. Try incorporating incredible healthy tips for dealing with child obesity and feel healthy and happy as you adapt lifestyle changes.  

      Adapt to natural solutions to make the process easier for kids to deal with obesity. Cooking homemade food comes under the best way to treat childhood obesity. Additionally, it's important to have a routine for physical activities for the children and also be a strong support system for your kids, appreciate their efforts, watch out they don't skip meals, dieting should be discouraged. 

      I am eagerly waiting to listen to transformation stories of your kids and how you finally succeed  in achieving health goals for our guidance!


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