Get Expert Tips on How to Reduce Estrogen Dominance Naturally

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Get Expert Tips on How to Reduce Estrogen Dominance Naturally

Are you looking for tips on how to reduce Estrogen Dominance? Here you can get tips on how you can dump estrogen from your body naturally. Also, you will be able to know from where this estrogen comes to your body so that you stop doing those things. 

Estrogen Dominance- A Brief Description Of The Article 

  1. Estrogen dominance is excessive estrogen. There is no number set which specifies estrogen dominance. It is termed as the sum of estrogen you have compared to your other sex hormones.
  2. Estrogen is essential for everyday functioning. Without the estrogen, you may have vaginal changes which can lead to different unhealthy and unwelcome pain which include wonky periods, brain fog, hot flashes and many more.
  3. Also, too much estrogen can be the reason for absolute damage to your whole body. Fatigue, Anxiety, abnormal menstruation, and breast cancer are some of the main negative results.
  4. Usual medicine tends to stipulate the hormonal birth control to ease the symptoms of estrogen dominance, which have its own side effects.
  5. There are some things which can be done for the lessening of the symptoms and even get rid of the problem from its core. 

Why There Is A Need For Estrogen? 

Estrogen is essential to function daily. It controls menstruation, hunger and satiety and many more. But, excessiveness of estrogen results in biological chaos. 

Where This Estrogen Comes In Your Body? 

The source you already know, birth control pills, the pesticides, your cosmetics. They have a compound colonel estrogen which mimics the effect of estrogen into your body. 

What Are The Symptoms That You Have Estrogen Dominance? 

Major Symptoms of estrogen dominance:


  1. PMS
  2. Weight Gain (In hips, midsection, and thighs)
  3. Fatigue
  4. Irregular menstruation
  5. Fibrocystic breasts
  6. Fibroids
  7. Endometriosis
  8. Anxiety
  9. Depression 


  1. Enlarged breasts
  2. Sexual dysfunction
  3. Sterility 

Now, to dump estrogen from your body naturally, let’s first understand how it’s broken down, your liver and your gallbladder, they break down estrogen into your body and your digestive system; it dumps it from your body. So, liver gallbladder breaks it, your digestive system dumps it. 

Is Stress a basis for an increase in estrogen dominance? If you start having symptoms of estrogen dominance, you should check your stress levels before anything else. It is the chronic stress which causes problems with your hormones. 

How To Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally? 

1. Coffee Enemas

The remedy is simple, the first remedy is you have to work on strengthening your liver, how you strengthen your liver? By doing detoxification! If you have any chronic disease like colloids, thyroid, autoimmune, I strongly suggest you do coffee enemas. They mechanically detox your liver. 

Detoxification Guru Wendy Myer’s, she is a holistic nutritionist. She says that coffee enemas, especially organic coffee enemas are the best way to detox your liver and the people who have gallbladder surgeries done, they have to always take ox-bile salts or apple cider vinegar before their meals to support their digestive system and to support their liver. 

2. Add Ox Bile Salts

The gallbladder is the key here. The gallbladder supports liver and the gallbladder helps in digestion of fat. So, the people who have a sluggish gallbladder and are the people who have gallbladder being removed, they should definitely add ox bile salts and digestive enzymes into their diet plan. 

3. Stop Taking Birth Control Pills 


Birth control has a negative impact and causes hormone imbalance. Heavy bleeding is one of the results of estrogen dominance. Prescription of the pill to treat can cause excess estrogen. The second reason is that birth control releases synthetic progesterone. The synthetic progesterone represses the natural progesterone production. 

4. How To Be Safe From Estrogen In Water

One of the major sources of toxins in your body which nobody knows, which everybody thinks it’s pollution, it’s chemicals, it’s actually water. Over 50% of your body is made of water and people think that they are filtering their home drinking water. But, you should understand that whatever we eat, the toxins first are filtered by the liver, but, whatever goes through our skin, it goes directly into the blood. 

One of the biggest sources for toxins is actually your showers, your shower. It is so cheap and cost-effective, just to invest in a high-quality shower filter so that your body does not absorb any kind of toxins, fluorides or any added chemicals from your water. 

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5. Don’t Go For High Fructose Corn Syrup

The next strategy is you should stop taking your high fructose corn syrup immediately. Whenever you go out shopping, it’s ok to indulge in sweets occasionally. But, whenever you are buying a cookie packet or anything, you should prefer sugar than high fructose corn syrup.


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