Fruit Diet for Weight Loss: Dangers No One Told You About

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Fruit Diet for Weight Loss: Dangers No One Told You About

"After reading this your thinking about the fruit diet for weight loss and better health will change forever, as it did for me.  We all have that new year agenda to lose more weight or to have better health.  But, how many of us are really successful? 

At least I am and I want to share what I discovered a few years back. Earlier, whenever we used to go out for Family Dinners, I would always order a fruit plate, thinking I am doing best for my body. But, I never felt happy because I was not seeing the results of better health and weight loss. After having fruits I would come home hungry. 

So, basically, I was thinking about food all the time. It was a fight between me and my willpower. When you are not satisfied or do not have a full tummy, you snack a lot. It kind of affects your whole lifestyle because you are not able to concentrate on anything. Snacking a lot between the meals means you just need to be wrong once in a day. Pick up that cookie or chips packet and it would affect your body for days, resulting in more cravings.  

What's Wrong with Fruit Diet For Weight Loss 

Fruit Diet for Weight Loss: Dangers No One Told You About 

The mainstream health industry has spoken so highly of fruits that people are now taking a fruit diet for weight loss as a meal. In reality, fruits have a small amount of Fiber and very few Nutrients to contribute to positive health effects on your body.  The sweetness that fruits have is not Sugar, but a worse form of Sugar called Fructose. 

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When you eat something sugary, at some point your brain says "Stop", I am full but if you are consuming something with Fructose in it, your brain never gets the signal to stop. Although naturally occurring fructose in the real fruits doesn’t exhibit the same biological effects as the free high fructose doses in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), we should limit fructose to not more than 15 grams per day. 

It has been observed that people eating large amounts of fruits have trouble losing weight. Also, the nutrient content of fruits is not so high that it is advised to replace a whole nutrient-dense meal with fruits.
One must be clear that there is no such thing as a fruit diet for weight loss. Eat fruits like a dessert and not as a meal  This was just the fructose content in the fruits. But, in order to make an informed decision while selecting fruits, one must select fruit based on:

  • Low Fructose Content
  • Free from Pesticides and Contamination
  • Nutrient density in fruits like Antioxidants and Polyphenols 

My top choice would be all berries actually. Like Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberries, and Strawberry. They are some of the most nutrient-rich fruits on your grocery shelves. One of the biggest disadvantages with the berries is that they are expensive and go bad soon. The hack I have found is that I buy frozen berries mostly. Never buy "Berries" that are on sale in the supermarket. Because mostly they have become contaminated but you cannot see it yet.   

The Right Way to Eat Fruits

Generally between lunch and dinner, for snacking I drink one glass of vegetable Juice or a Smoothie or Bone Broth. Vegetable juice (mainly green veggies) are not very yummy. So, I add spices (Ginger, Garlic) and a slice of fruit to mask the taste. My vegetable juice starts with Cucumber or Celery for the water content and the rest is dark green leafy vegetables and a slice of fruit for the sweetness. 

When I am really hungry and would like to have a heavy snack, I would blend this juice with an Avocado. The healthy fats in the avocado keep us full for at least 2 hours. Never drink fruit juice or fruit smoothie alone. It would be very high in Fructose and won't make you full for longer. Say no to all readymade fruit smoothies.    

Organic Fruits 

Eat organic fruits as they are exposed to fewer pesticides. Some fruits and vegetables are exposed to more pesticides and we should try to buy organic like:
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Grapes (imported)
  • Pears 

Fruit and Vegetables for Weight Loss: It's not the Same 

There is this common saying “Want to lose weight, eat fruit and vegetable for weight loss” This is the biggest mistake naming the excellent source of food that is veggies and the not so good source of food, fruits together. The saying should instead be: “Want to lose weight, eat your Veggies, and especially Green leafy ones” You can eat more than 7 serving of vegetables per day and still lose weight. Veggies are never too much. Not all vegetables are the same. It is incredibly important to choose your vegetables wisely.   

Why Fructose is Bad  

1. Fructose Causes Weight Gain 

The answer lies in how Fructose is metabolized by the body. When we consume Fructose from fruits, or in the form of High-Fructose corn syrup, our liver converts it into Glucose or Triglycerides. Glucose is used as a fuel by the body and Triglycerides are stored as Fat. We should avoid accumulating triglycerides as much as possible. Another problem is that when we eat sugar our brain at some point stays, stop "I am Satisfied" and our sugar cravings are diminished. Fructose suppresses the hunger hormone (Leptin) that signals the brain that we are full and we never get satisfied from eating fructose-rich foods.   

2. Fructose causes Aging 

Sugars (Glucose and Fructose) get attached to a skin protein called collagen in the body. The process is called Glycation. If the blood sugar stays high (as diabetic or pre-diabetic), the sugar-protein combination will undergo a series of reactions that will result in the creation of an Advanced Glycation Endproduct (AGE). Fructose is seen worse than Glucose molecules because it is 10 times more reactive than Glucose producing AGE and causes permanent damage. AGE should not be happening in the body because they are the major cause of Wrinkles and ageing of arteries.   

3. Fructose damages Liver and causes "Fatty Liver" 

Fructose goes right to the liver and triggers lipogenesis (the production of fats like triglycerides and cholesterol). This is why it is the major cause of a condition called "fatty liver". Our liver treats fructose the same way as alcohol for metabolism. As Fructose also reacts with the proteins, it results in the formation of oxides that cause Liver Inflammation.   

4. Fructose raises Uric Acid and causes Kidney Stones 

Our Gut is the house of billions of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics and Prebiotics feed good bacterias, whereas Fructose feeds bad bacterias. The bad guys grow, reproduce and create uric acid. Now, this uric acid starts building up in the body in the form of the crystals. These crystals deposit in the kidneys and cause kidney stones. Uric acid crystals also deposit in the joints of the body and cause sudden burning pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joint.  

5. Fructose Damages Gut

Our Gut is the home of billions of bacterias. Having a large no. of bad bacterias are linked to a number of diseases like Autoimmune etc. Now Fructose feeds the bad bacteria and they reproduce thus damaging our Gut.   

The Most Hidden form of Fructose is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)  

HFCS is a Sugar substitute derived from cornstarch which is even worse than Sugar. You can find lots of information on the internet claiming that HFCS is absolutely healthy and Natural. This research is backed by the corn industry. The truth is that HFCS is "THE LEADING" cause of Obesity and it is far from being natural. 

It is extracted through a chemical enzymatic process resulting in a chemical compound called HFCS. High fructose corn syrup is an industrial product and far from "Natural". HFCS is metabolized into fat in your body far more rapidly than any other sugar. HFCS is present in:

  • Sodas
  • Foods containing HFCS
  • Fruit juices
  • Agave syrup
  • Ketchup
  • Pastries and Cookies from the Confectionary.
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Sweetened Yogurts
  • Frozen Pizzas (All Junk Food) 


Fruit Diet for Weight Loss: Dangers No One Told You About 

Eat fruits as "desserts" and not as Meals Using a fruit diet for weight loss is a dangerous myth for the people trying to lose weight Berries are amongst the healthiest fruits. Rasberry tops the list for fruit diet for weight loss Fructose consumption is linked to Fatty Liver, Obesity, Leaky Gut and High Blood Pressure Read labels for hidden High Fructose corn syrup. 

It is even present in your "Healthy Nutrition Bars" Always buy ORGANIC Apples, Strawberries, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, and Nectarines as they are more prone to Pesticide contamination.


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