Can You Cure Diabetes: First Patient in Trial is NOW DIABETES FREE!

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Cure Diabetes

Reversing Diabetes is now not impossible, at least the latest research says so. If you are asking yourself Can you cure Diabetes, then the answer is yes. You can as per research. University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute has successfully treated a patient who was suffering from high type 1 diabetes. Wendy now 43, was suffering from Diabetes since she was 17. Islet cells are responsible for the production of insulin in our body. When the islet cells get damaged, the body stops producing insulin. 

In a surgery, Islets were injected into body tissue called Omentum, that is located and wrapped around the organs which are present in the abdominal area. The result was body started producing Insulin. We don't have to wait till this new breakthrough in science becomes mainstream so that all diabetic patients can benefit from it. We can also simply self-manage Diabetes by changing some simple lifestyles to cure diabetes naturally and permanently by: 

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1). Vitamin ADK



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