Acidity Bothering You? Try These Home Remedies for Instant Relief

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Acidity Bothering You? Try These Home Remedies for Instant Relief

Hello there! Have you ever had a burning sensation in your chest or throat after eating a large meal? Or have you ever felt problems in your stomach? When faced with such situations, the initial thought is to take antacids and get immediate relief.   

While antacids can assist with mild and occasional acidity, they are not a good long-term remedy for a variety of reasons. If you have frequent or severe acidity symptoms, it is critical that you address the underlying cause and make adjustments to your food and lifestyle for long-term relief. 

When we eat anything, our stomach produces acid that helps in the breakdown and digestion of the food.  However, sometimes the acid in our stomach can rush up into our oesophagus (the tube that joins our mouth to our stomach), causing us to feel a burning sensation, commonly known as acid reflux or acidity.  

Acidity can be caused by a variety of factors, including eating spicy or oily foods, consuming excessive amounts of coffee, or simply eating too quickly. It may happen to anybody, regardless of how healthy or fit they are, and it is more annoying when it occurs during routine day-to-day activities such as going to school, hanging out with buddies, or eating out with family. 

If you're tired of relying on antacids for relief from acidity, read on to find a range of natural treatments that can help you manage your symptoms and prevent the illness from returning. 

Why are Home Remedies for Acidity a Good Option? 

Because they are frequently more accessible and cost-effective than antacids or prescription medicine, home remedies are a viable choice for regulating acidity. Furthermore, a lot of natural chemicals that have been used for generations to treat digestive issues are the basis of many home treatments for acidity.  

Additionally, home remedies can be customised to meet unique preferences and needs, offering a more individualised approach to treatment.  

In addition, home treatments frequently have less negative side effects than prescription drugs, making them a safer choice for managing acidity over the long run.  

You might be able to lessen your dependency on antacids and get long-lasting relief from acidity by including home remedies into your regular routine. 

Effective Home Remedies for Instant Relief from Acidity 

While there are over-the-counter medications available to treat this condition, they frequently have negative effects and can be pricey in the long term. As a result, many individuals prefer natural and effective home remedies to treat acidity.  

In this section, we will look at some of the most common home remedies for acidity that are simple to create and can provide immediate relief without causing any negative side effects.

     1. Don’t Drink Water While Eating


When you consume anything, your stomach generates acids to assist break it down so your body can absorb the nutrients. When we drink too much water while consuming food, we dilute our stomach acid, making it more difficult for our stomach to digest the meal effectively. This might cause food to remain in the stomach for a longer period than necessary, causing pain and even acidity. 

Consider mixing a cup of juice concentrate with too much water; it doesn't taste as delicious and takes longer to combine. Similarly, drinking too much water with our meals might dilute the acid in our stomach, leading to acidity. 

To avoid this problem, it's recommended to drink water before or after a meal rather than during it.

     2. Avoid Gluten Containing Foods


Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. Some individuals experience difficulty digesting gluten, which can cause intestinal distress. When this occurs, it can cause acidity, bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms. 

Consider gluten to be a bumpy road that makes it difficult for cars to drive smoothly. Gluten, like a bumpy road, can cause stomach discomfort in certain people. 

If you have difficulties digesting gluten, eliminating gluten-rich meals can help you prevent this pain. Instead, eat gluten-free foods such as rice, quinoa, and maize.

     3. Taking Acid with Food


When we eat anything, our stomach creates acid that helps with digestion. However, the acid in our stomach can sometimes become out of control, resulting in acidity or heartburn. This is when taking acid with food can be beneficial. 

When we consume protein-rich foods, such as meat or eggs, our stomach generates a specific enzyme known as pepsin. Pepsin helps in the breakdown of proteins into smaller bits, allowing our bodies to use them to build and repair tissues. 

Now, taking acid with our food can assist activate the pepsin enzyme and improve its function. This implies that our bodies can digest protein-rich foods more efficiently, and we are less likely to develop acidity or heartburn as a result.

 No more skipping spicy dishes, no more saying no to your favourite foods - Betaine HCL + Pepsin has got you covered. It comes loaded with HCL and digestive enzymes keeping your gut healthier and helps you prevent acidity. Start with 1 Capsule with Meal for a week and consult your healthcare professional for further changes. 

Betaine HCL+ Pepsin 

     4. Don’t Eat Anything 2 Hours Before Sleeping


Assume you've just had a large supper and it's time for bed. Your stomach is full and heavy. When you lie down to sleep, your stomach is in a horizontal posture, which allows acid from your stomach to easily run back up into your oesophagus, causing heartburn or acidity. 

So, before you go to sleep, give your body a few hours to digest the food. If you wait at least two hours until going to bed, your stomach will have a chance to digest the food and empty itself. This implies that when you lie down, there will be less acid in your stomach, lowering the likelihood of it coming back up and producing acidity.

     5. Consuming Prebiotic and Probiotics


Do you understand that your stomach contains some beneficial bacteria? Yes, they are called "probiotics," and they help keep your stomach healthy by fighting off harmful germs. 

When we consume too much junk food or become stressed, the proper ratio of good and bad bacteria in our stomach can become imbalanced. This might result in issues such as acidity, which causes a burning sensation in your chest and throat. 

But don't worry, there are things you can do to help your stomach get back on track! Consuming "prebiotics" is one method. These are fibres that help feed the healthy bacteria in your stomach, allowing them to grow stronger and fight off the bad bacteria.  

Eating extra "probiotics" is another technique to assist your stomach. Remember those wonderful bacteria we mentioned earlier? You can eat meals that are high in them, such as yoghurt, kefir, idli, and dosa.  

However, getting an adequate amount of pre and probiotics won’t be possible considering the amount of foods you will have to consume. That is where Miduty Prebiotic and Probiotic comes into play. It contains patented prebiotics and probiotics specially formulated in laboratories which helps in keeping the gut healthy.  

Final Words

  • Finally, while antacids can provide brief relief from acidity, they should not be used long term. 
  • Home remedies are an excellent way to manage acidity symptoms in a natural and effective manner. They are inexpensive, adaptable, and can provide immediate relief with no severe side effects. 
  • Avoiding drinking water during meals, avoiding gluten-containing foods, taking acid with food, and not eating anything for two hours before bedtime are among the treatments that are covered in this article. 
  • These solutions are simple to adopt into one's everyday routine and provide long-term relief from acidity.


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