Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control
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Blood Sugar Control

For people who are looking for a reduction in weight, who encounter excess sugar cravings, who are suffering from type-2 diabetes, who have pre-diabetic conditions, Miduty’s Blood Sugar Control has the potency to settle it down.

For people who cannot go without food for more than 3–4 hours, this could be a part of their choice too. 

This supplement contains natural ingredients that help support Insulin functioning and antioxidants to prevent metabolic damage.

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India is the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes is a lifestyle problem, and every one of us is doing something wrong. The majority of people are pre-diabetic. The reason could be insulin resistance.

Before being diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes, most people have insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is difficult to detect; it can only be tracked by observing symptoms such as sugar cravings, skin tags, an urge to eat something frequently, etc.

You must start looking at your symptoms, like food cravings, frequent urination, PCOS, numbness, tingling sensations, slow wound healing, blurred vision, and blood pressure issues. All of these symptoms are indications that you might get diabetes.

Due to insulin resistance, the cells are not able to take the glucose, as insulin helps in directing glucose to the cell; however, it doesn’t happen, and the level of glucose in the blood increases, leading to diabetes.

Long-term exposure to high blood sugar levels can harm nerve cells in the heart, blood vessels, eyes, limbs, and organs. Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, is actually a symptom of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as prediabetes. 

Blood sugar control by Miduty is known to kill excess sugar cravings, with added minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. 

Having the blend of Berberine HCL makes Blood Sugar Control supplement efficient to enhance Insulin sensitivity, and improves Insulin secretion in patients who have developed resistance to other Hypoglycemic agents. 

Blood sugar control having the addition of Wild bitter melon extract improves pancreatic cells and their functions. It is also vital for slowing down cataract formation depending on the sugar level, by maintaining better control of blood glucose level. [1] 

Its well-known quality includes lowering fat mass in diabetic patients who often become obese. Additionally, it improves hepatic and muscle enzyme functioning.

Also, note, Carbohydrate consumption can have worse effects on blood sugar levels, so switching to a high-fiber diet along with quality supplements such as Blood Sugar Control can work wonders for the body.

How do I take them?
  • Dosage -

    Two capsules per day are the recommended dosage. Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after lunch.

  • Please Note-

    Avoid using this product if you have type 1 diabetes or are taking insulin.

  • Quick info-

    People with pre-diabetes can also start taking this supplement to stop the progression of the disease.

What’s it for?
- People suffering from type 2 diabetes

- People suffering from a pre-diabetic condition

- People who have excess sugar cravings

- People looking for a reduction in weight

- People having a leaky gut
Why is Miduty’s Blood Sugar Control Superior
    • Miduty’s blood sugar control helps reduce Insulin resistance and holds a provision to safeguard heart health. 

    • The addition of Berberine HCL to Miduty’s Blood sugar control: Decreases insulin resistance making the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin more effective. Increase glycolysis, helping the body break down sugar inside cells. 

    • Having Berberine HCL and wild bitter lemon extract infused in its capsule provides the therapeutic potential for lipid-lowering effects. It also helps in providing blood glucose-lowering effects with anti-obesity benefits. [2]

    • Having a blend of Chromium picolinate improves glucose metabolism in patients with type-2, gestational, or steroid-induced diabetes. [3]

    • The Miduty’s Blood Sugar Control Capsule is composed of essential vitamins and minerals for better glycemic control, natural ingredients, and antioxidants to support Insulin functioning. Vitamin B12 comes under the guidelines in diabetes clinical care to prevent diabetic neuropathy. [4]

What’s Inside? (Ingredients)


I’m having sugar cravings and end up eating sweets at night. Will this supplement help me?

Yes, this will help you to curb the sugar cravings.

How long can I take these tablets?

You can take these tablets throughout your weight loss journey and for managing diabetes. For controlling excess sugar cravings, you can take 2 of these tablets before you eat something. Also, taking them every day for general health and vitality is also a safe option.

What are the most beneficial lifestyle tips for Diabetic patients?

Start doing intermittent fasting. It will keep the glucose level in check. Don't snack much and if you want to do while snacking eat something that doesn’t spike your insulin like almonds, coconut slices, coconut water, and healthy fats like desi ghee or butter.

Is it still possible for me to take blood sugar control if I don't have diabetes?

Yes, you can use it to control your sugar cravings if you experience them.

Are Palak Notes and Miduty same brands?

Yes, the brands Palak Notes and Miduty are the same.

Unknown Facts

Diabetes can be completely reversed because it is a lifestyle disorder. Start managing your protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrate proportions in your diet and stick to a proper diet plan.

  • Diabetic medication and Numbness!

    People taking diabetes medication experience a lower rate of absorption of vitamin B12. Several studies show a connection between taking diabetes medication and vitamin B12 depletion. [5]

  • Black patches or skin tags on the skin are not normal!

    There are often no prediabetes symptoms or indicators, and the disorder can usually go unrecognized. People with prediabetes may notice certain symptoms of diabetes, such as extreme thirst, frequent urination, low energy levels, impaired vision, and frequent urination.

  • Even without diet modification, there’s a change in weight.

    In response to insulin resistance, the pancreas generates more insulin, which tells the muscles and liver to store blood sugar. The extra blood sugar is sent to fat cells by the liver for storage when the muscles and liver are satisfied, thus resulting in weight gain. [6]

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New Era! Continued Dedication!

Pain that went untreated gave rise to the brand Palak Notes. Pre-COVID, we began to evolve, and over the past three years (and counting), we have dedicated our entire selves to learning about the pain and health issues that society suffers. We had a modest beginning, but today we have a large family. 

So, in order to adapt to these changes over time, we have decided to create a new brand identity that reflects our team and potential customers. We are now known as MIDUTY. Our vision for the current era is presented and projected through this new identity.