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What is Fatty Liver?

Have you ever considered how important the liver is to our body? If you neglect your liver, you will be unable to effectively treat diseases for a long period of time, even after taking so many medications. All lifestyle disorders, including thyroid and hormone problems, are linked to the liver. It is necessary to work on the liver in order to treat these diseases from the root.

The liver is the biggest organ in the human body. This essential organ functions as a powerhouse, aiding in food digestion and toxin and poison removal from the body. 

A buildup of excess fat in the liver causes the frequent health issue known as fatty liver disease. The condition is also known as steatosis. Headaches, weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, and a pale complexion are signs of toxic overload and an inflamed liver. The majority of people believe that having a fatty liver is a common condition that affects everyone, but this is not the reality. 

If your liver gets overworked, toxins get stored in your fat cells and muscles and thus circulate through your bloodstream. Our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, which includes poor diet, industrial and environmental pollution, a lack of physical activity, etc., is the cause of the overburdened liver.

The unpleasant fact is that this type of liver disease frequently doesn't result in any observable symptoms of fatty liver disease. Many people don't even know they have a fatty liver until they have tests done for another health problem or until they have an obvious warning sign like abdominal pain.

But have you ever wondered why having a fatty liver is harmful? Yes, it can be! The non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) subtype of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the more severe form of the condition. NASH results in liver damage and hepatic swelling. NAFLD is also connected to an increased risk of liver cancer.

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Know More About Fatty Liver

What’s the reason?

Being overweight or obese

You’re more likely to develop a fatty liver if you are obese. The chronic liver disease frequently results from obesity.

Excess consumption of alcohol

Even a short period of heavy alcohol consumption can cause the liver to accumulate fat. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is the term for it.

High blood sugar levels

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is more likely if you have diabetes. Even if you drink little to no alcohol while you have this condition, fat accumulates in your liver.

Unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle

In most cases, a fatty liver is caused by not eating properly and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

What to avoid

A diet high in fructose

Avoid fruit juices, dates, figs, prunes, etc as they are high in fructose as an excessive amount of fat is accumulated in the liver cells in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which can be brought on by high fructose intake.

Exposure to chemicals and toxins

Excess use of certain medications, painkillers, alcohol, and exposure to industrial chemicals might cause toxic hepatitis. When your liver becomes inflamed as a result of exposure to toxins, you have toxic hepatitis.

Avoid takeaway foods

Excess intake of takeaway foods can affect your liver as they contain unhealthy fats. Try making your favorite foods at home using some healthy fats and fresh veggies.

Avoid alcohol

Excessive alcohol use causes alcoholic fatty liver disease. To maintain a healthy liver, avoid drinking alcohol.

Risk Factors and Hidden Symptoms

Hidden symptoms lead to complications

If you still have fatty liver symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, poor gut health, abdominal pain, swelling of the legs and ascites, and so on, you are more likely to develop other health problems.

Risk of Diabetes

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can cause excessive glucose synthesis, resulting in insulin resistance and abnormal blood sugar levels. This can progress to prediabetes and type 2 diabetes over time.

Risk of Liver Cirrhosis

Most people are unaffected by fatty liver disease. However, if it proceeds to cirrhosis of the liver, it can become a far more serious disease. Untreated cirrhosis of the liver eventually leads to liver failure or cancer.

Risk of High Blood Pressure

Portal hypertension, or high blood pressure in the portal vein, can be caused by a damaged liver. The portal vein transports blood to the liver.

Golden Tips

Omega 3- rich foods include soaked chia seeds & flaxseeds, and walnuts.

High-antioxidant foods, especially items rich in vitamin E including sunflower seeds and almonds.

Include anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, garlic, and turmeric in your daily meals as they help fight liver inflammation.

Liver-boosting green vegetables, leafy greens, chicory, and dandelion. Antioxidants occur in leafy greens including root vegetables, kale, and spinach. They include a lot of fiber and other nutrients that your liver requires.

Matcha Tea which is rich in antioxidants - helps decrease body fat and fights obesity.

Activated charcoal for frequent detoxification of the body and to pull out toxins from our blood.

You can take apple cider vinegar as it promotes weight loss by reducing the buildup of extra fat in the liver. Additionally, it has liver protection properties and supports healthy liver function.

Identifying your Fatty Liver type can aid in managing it-

Alcoholic fatty liver disease (ALD)

It is the buildup of fat in the liver brought on by excessive drinking of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Non-alcoholic drinkers can develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is a buildup of excessive liver fat due to an unhealthy diet.

Complete Fatty Liver Cure

The liver has the ability to regenerate so try to include foods that will help support liver functioning and supplements that will boost liver health. Here’s the cure! Here are some ways you can manage fatty liver and prevent complications from developing naturally:


Try to incorporate more healthy foods that will help support your liver. One of the best ways to manage fatty liver effectively is to fill your diet with nutrient-rich, healthy fats, plant-based, and whole foods. As our liver has the ability to regenerate if liver gets the suitable raw material. Every 3 years, a person’s body can build a new liver.

Dietary supplements

Supplements help to remove toxins from the liver and fight liver inflammation, boost a good gut, and improve liver function. Start immediately with Liver Detox, Digest Fat, and Vitamin B12.

Physical activity- Workouts & exercises

Exercise will help you lower the inflammation in the body and will also help you to improve fatty liver disease.

Manage Healthy weight

Weight management is the root key to preventing fatty liver and liver complications. Weight can be managed with a proper lifestyle, diet, and daily exercise.


Should I start taking your fatty liver bundle if I'm taking fatty liver medication and consuming green juices and smoothies at home for liver detox?

Yes, to get rid of hidden symptoms & for powerful detoxification. Also, due to the food-based nature of our supplements, there is no possible interaction with your medications.

How long should I take your fatty liver supplements to fix my fatty liver?

You should take it for at least 3 months or until you get over the symptoms.

I am an alcoholic. Is it safe for me?

Yes, this is the actual need of your body to get rid of alcohol side effects and protect your liver.

In recent days, I've been losing my appetite. Is this a symptom of fatty liver?

Yes, it can be a reason.