Vitamin ADK
Who should take Vitamin ADK supplement?
Benefits of Vitamin ADK supplement
Vitamin ADK
Ingredients in Vitamin ADK Supplement
Vitamin ADK
Vitamin ADK
Vitamin ADK
Who should take Vitamin ADK supplement?
Benefits of Vitamin ADK supplement
Vitamin ADK
Ingredients in Vitamin ADK Supplement
Vitamin ADK
Vitamin ADK
  • Bone Health
  • Immunity
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin ADK
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
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Vitamin ADK

Have you ever had such times when your energy level collapses, your skin loses its brightness with the daily stresses of life, or you suffer from low immunity or autoimmune problems?

All such types of struggles begin when our body tries to lose its power, so to rediscover the lost vigor, you require the boost of the Super vitamin, i.e., Vitamin ADK.

Miduty's Vitamin ADK supplement is known to be a miracle trio, made up of three vital fat-soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A: Supports vision, immune function, and cell growth

Vitamin D3: Helps in calcium absorption and helps boost Immunity

Vitamin K2: Helps in transporting calcium to bones

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Most vegetarians are deficient in Vitamin A. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is only converted to Vitamin A at a rate of 9% to 33% in the body.

Vitamin A is often called the "beauty vitamin" due to its exceptional benefits for the eyes and skin. As a potent antioxidant, it also helps in cancer prevention. It maintains good vision and encourages collagen formation, keeping the skin tight and elastic.

Vitamin D, known as the "Sunshine Vitamin," promotes the mineralization of bones, maintaining bone strength and integrity. Vitamin K, associated with blood clotting, stimulates calcium-regulating proteins, ensuring calcium is distributed to the bones and teeth while preventing calcium buildup in arteries and other soft tissues.

Vitamin A and D in Miduty’s  Vitamin ADK supplement have anti-mycobacterial properties that protect against tuberculosis, improve body immunity, and prevent infections.. [1]

Furthermore, Vitamins A, D, and K help manage autoimmune illnesses by regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Research has shown that vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 supplementation in murine osteoblast cell lines and human primary osteoblasts enhance bone cell parameters. [2]

Vitamin D3 supports an anti-inflammatory environment by modulating immune cell function, while Vitamin K2 promotes immune responses and balances pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory substances.

Evidence suggests that cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is more effective than ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) in improving vitamin D status.  [3]

Miduty’s Vitamin ADK contains cholecalciferol, which improves bone strength and quality, particularly in patients with chronic kidney problems. The combination of Vitamin D3 and K2 in this supplement aids in the mutation of bone tissue and assists in bone formation, making it the best vitamin adk supplement. 

Postmenopausal women may benefit from ongoing Vitamin K2 and D3 combination therapy to increase their vertebral bone mass.

How do I take them?
  • Dosage-

    Take 1 capsule with water after breakfast.

  • Please Note-

    Avoid it in case you are having low/high BP issues or cholesterol issues.

  • Avoid in case-

    You can avoid it in case you smoke.

What’s Inside?
- Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)
- Vitamin D3- Cholecalciferol
- Vitamin K2 (as MK-4)
- Vitamin K2 (as MK-7)
What’s it for?
  • People Suffering From Low Immunity
  • Arthritis
  • People having cracking sounds in their joints
  • People Suffering From Autoimmune Problems
  • Pregnant Women ( consult your Doctor )
Why is Miduty’s Vitamin ADK Superior?
    • No vitamin D capsules are available that also contain vitamin A and vitamin K, especially in a natural form. So, Miduty provides a unique formula that combines Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7).

    • Combining Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 aids the body's proper absorption and transportation of calcium, allowing it to create bone rather than dangerously depositing it in arteries and soft tissue.

    • When we eat foods rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin K1 mostly makes it to the liver first and then, later on, converts into vitamin K2 in the bloodstream, but Vitamin K2 gets distributed to bones and other tissues directly and more easily. Miduty Vitamin ADK has K2 present in it, which is readily absorbed by the body.

    • The antioxidant vitamin A is the most effective. Retinyl Palmitate, an active form of vitamin A found in Miduty Vitamin ADK, is absorbed by the body right away. The majority of nutraceuticals use beta-carotene, an inactive form of vitamin A that should interact with body enzymes to become active, which is a stretched process in the body.

How We Helped Our Customers

Rekha Recovered From Infections, Joint Pain, And Dizziness
Nancy Fixed Her Sinus & Body Aches
Ritu Got Relief From Joint Pain & Crackling Sounds
Pratibha finally got relief in 15 year long ankle pain.
Vitamin D rose from 6.5 --> 50
Krisha fixed crackling joints and other issues in 3 months with Miduty’s Vitamin ADK!
Tamanna reversed her 6 years old Sciatica Pain using Miduty’s Vitamin ADK

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Arjun Patel

This supplement is so effective, my dry eyes got much better! Use this ADK!

Rajesh Kumar

Yay!! No more back pain or body ache. Much blessed.

Priya Sharma

I was very worried about my health, but then came ADK !! This Improved my immunity, and my sinus troubles gone! Ordered more already!

Aishwarya Singh

Trust me, I got relief from my muscle pain and also calcium absorption got better. Highly recommend it!

Meera Gupta

My bone health has improved, and I feel great! Palak's products are the best!


Can we take Vitamin ADK with ongoing Vitamin D3 60K IU tablets?

Yes, you can take vitamin ADK from Monday to Saturday.

Can we take Vitamin ADK if we have BP/Cholesterol issues?

No, you should avoid taking Vitamin ADK if you have BP or cholesterol issues because Vitamin K2 can affect blood clotting and interact with medications used to manage these conditions. Instead, you can take our supplement COCO D3 as it is formulated without Vitamin K2.

Can we give ADK Vitamin to a 12-year-old?

Yes, you can give 1 capsule on alternate days initially and then you can shift to 1 capsule every day. 

Are Miduty and Palak notes the same brand?

Yes, the brand's Palak Notes and Miduty are the same.

Unknown Facts

  • Vitamin D as a hormone

    Vitamin D works Like a hormone, vitamin D works. That implies it is created in the skin and then moves through the body to affect other parts (the bones).

  • Helps with hormone regulation and may lift your mood

    Vitamin D insufficiency has been associated with an increased risk for mood disorders since it functions like a hormone in our bodies and influences brain function.

  • Healing of Wounds

    Low levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D were strongly correlated with all three categories of difficult-to-heal wounds. According to research, difficult-to-heal wounds and low vitamin D levels are related.

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New Era! Continued Dedication!

Pain that went untreated gave rise to the brand Palak Notes. Pre-COVID, we began to evolve, and over the past three years (and counting), we have dedicated our entire self to learning about the pain and health issues that society suffers. We had a modest beginning, but today we have a large family. 

So, in order to adapt to these changes over time, we have decided to create a new brand identity that reflects our team and potential customers. We are now known as MIDUTY. Our vision for the current era is presented and projected through this new identity.