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How We helped Swati’s Husband

Just imagine waking up and not being able to move your hands or legs! Exactly that’s what happened with Swati’s husband. He had severe numbness problems. Too much sitting made his hand and leg go numb. She, being a part of the Wonder Woman community of Miduty, talked to their health experts. After talking, they found out he’s low on Vitamin B12. They recommended Miduty’s Vitamin B12 supplement for her hubby and guess what? Within 17 days, his numbness in both hands & legs faded and he now does everything with a lot of energy. Swati also says he’s really grateful to Miduty's Vitamin B12 for helping him get his life back.

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How We helped Vijyeta’s Hubby

Listen to how Vijyeta’s husband's low energy levels were boosted like crazy by Miduty's B12. Her hubby was juggling among a million things, that he never had time to eat properly. But as time passed, he began feeling drained, irritated, and constantly tired. Concerned about her husband's declining energy, she ordered Miduty's Vitamin B12. Miraculously, within 1 month, her hubby’s energy levels got boosted so much that people started to ask him how he had gotten so active. He was finally able to keep up with his hectic schedule, and he had more energy than ever before. Miduty's Vitamin B12 became their secret weapon, and Vijyeta couldn't be more thankful for the transformation it brought into their lives.

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Unknown facts you MUST be aware of!

(Health is at risk otherwise...)

  • Up to 83% of Indians lack daily greens, fruits, or veggie intake in their meals (but crucial to take).
  • Your go-to medicines that instantly relieve your symptoms (like Metformin, antacids, and heartburn meds) and gastric problems actually hinder your B12 absorption.
  • Taking antacids for your gastric issues messes up with your B12.
  • Anemia requires both iron and Vitamin B12; and when you don’t get the required amount of B12, it affects your bone marrow, leading to early cell expiry.
  • Most B12-rich foods are animal-based, putting vegetarians at a higher risk of deficiency. 
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All the time, I felt exhausted. I had a really low level of energy. But my energy levels have increased after taking vitamin B12 for over three months.

Aarav gupta

The best remedy for hair loss is this. I was experiencing hair loss. My friend suggested taking this Miduty Vitamin B12 supplement. I used it for nearly three months. I had a refilef in my hair fall problem.

Anaya pandey

Being a housewife, my mum used to get really tired out. I give her this B12 supplement. She is now extremely energetic and never gets tired.

Saanvi chopra

I had black circles beneath my eyes because my iron levels were so low. I consumed this Miduty Vitamin B12 at my aunt's advice. Now, my iron levels have improved! My dark circles has also gone.

Ishaan tripathi

I used to feel fatigue, numbness and headache all the day. After taking vitamin b12 for two months. My all issues was resolved. Now, there is no more fatigue or numbness.

Vivaan joshi

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can start giving 1 chewable per day after lunch.

Yes, It is required to fulfill the iron requirement and to maintain B12 levels in the body. Also, it is necessary for the infant’s growth.

Yes, Even you should take this as it contains an Active form of Vitamin B12- methyl folate whereas the normal Vitamin B12 contains Folic acid which is in an inactive form.

Yes, you can take Vitamin B12 as it is a water-soluble vitamin and our body cannot retain it for a longer period of time. Moreover, it's generally considered safe, even at high doses. Moreover, Vitamin B12 is found in the liver, and so the blood test cannot diagnose it accurately.

Yes, the brand's Palak Notes and Miduty are the same.

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